Can I publish on Amazon KDP and Smashwords?

If you want a good answer to this question: Can I publish on Amazon KDP and Smashwords? You have this post to give you all the answers you desire.

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Can I Publish in Amazon KDP and Smashwords: Going wide

Authors who want to publish on both Amazon KDP and Smashwords (or Draft2digital) are said to be going wide with their books.

In case you don’t know Smashwords was acquired this year by Draft2digital. So publishing your ebook on Smashwords is just the same as publishing your ebooks on Draft2digital. The two publishing companies are now one.

Going wide with your books

Smashwords or Draft2digital publishes your book and also helps you to distribute it to all their major ebook stores and online library partners. This way, your book has the chance of reaching as many people online as possible.

However, we have seen authors who prefer to publish their books only on Amazon. These authors have chosen that their published books on Amazon KDP should be on the exclusive list.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both forms of ebook publishing.

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Can I Publish on Amazon KDP and Smashwords or Draft2digital?

Yes, Yiu can publish on Amazon KDP and Smashwords or Draft2digital at the same time if you fulfill certain rules, especially on the part of Amazon KDP.

What are the rules? Let’s look at them below:

Don’t opt in for Amazon Kindle Select

If you want to publish your ebooks on both Amazon KDP and Smashwords or Draft2digital at the same time, you should not opt-in for Amazon Kindle Select program.

If you enroll your book in the Amazon Kindle Select program during publication or at any time, Amazon expects the book to be exclusive to them. This implies that you must not publish the ebook version on any other online stores for three months.

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Your book’s price must be the same

If you must successfully publish your ebooks on Amazon KDP and Smashwords or Draft2digital, then your book’s price must be the same in all the stores where you published your books outside Amazon KDP.

If you don’t obey or keep this rule, Amazon wili price match your book’s price when they find out. This implies if you sell your ebook at $2.99 on Amazon and sell it at $1.99 on Smashwords or Draft2digital, Amazon will change the price of your book to $1.99 without informing you.


Get your  books published worldwide

If you obey those simple rules from Amazon KDP, you can get your books published in Amazon KDP and Smashwords or Draft2digital at the same time successfully.

There are no rules preventing you from doing this on the part of Draft2digital.

So go ahead and let your ebook go wide or let your ebooks be published worldwide.

You can gain access to our bestselling ebook publishing resources to publish your ebooks on Amazon KDP successfully. 


Selling eBooks as online courses

Selling eBooks as online courses is one of the most profitable ventures for authors today. If you have been publishing and selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and other online stores, you may have to look at selling your ebooks as online courses.

I will be using this post to share our experiences with you so that you can get motivated and inspired to try this out. I will be using a future post to share the steps by steps process of turning your eBooks into online courses

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Selling eBooks as online courses: Our experience

We decided to start turning some of our books into online courses to sell online in our bid to diversify our earnings and to ensure Amazon does not remain the only platform we sell books.

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Other formats of ebooks

First, you should know your published ebooks can exist in many forms other than ebooks or paperback books.

Ebooks can be packaged as:

  • Videos
  • Online courses
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs etc.

So we are still talking about books when we talk about online courses.


Selling eBooks as online courses: Udemy

We started with the biggest platform for online courses online –

What a platform this has been for us. This is the Amazon for online courses online. We started about three years or so and we have drawn some passive income from this platform even without paid ads.

We can still push this up with ads though. It’s just that we don’t know the right place to advertise courses on Udemy. I am not a big fan of Facebook ads.

I have also received some emails from those who took our online courses on offering ads services. We have not used any of them.


What Udemy gives you

The truth is that Udemy gives extra promotions to the courses on its platform. Though, if you sell any course through their self-sponsored ads, you will receive a lower royalty.

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Selling eBooks as online courses: 10 published courses

Selling eBooks as online courses

We now have about 10 online courses on this platform. We have lots of enrolled students and reviews on our online courses at Udemy.

The good news is that Udemy now pays by Payoneer. It used to be by PayPal alone. So you have another payment option to consider.


Other Udemy alternatives

There are other Udemy alternatives to sell online courses online but a lot are not reliable. We tried some of them but our experience with some is not too good at all. for example was a bad experience. You should watch out for that. The CEO, Vivien Puri is deceitful.

We canceled our account and up till today, Learndesk has failed to pay our royalties. When we applied for the cancelation of our account, we were told that our royalties will be paid after one year!

We waited and it’s over one and a half years now, Puri and Learndesk have stopped responding to our emails. Please avoid Learndesk as much as possible.

Do you want to see some of our problem-solving books on Amazon and other online stores? Check them out now

How to create an online course

I know the question on your mind now is how do I create an online course and how do I publish it on Udemy?

Really we have not done an ebook or an online course on this but we hope to do it very very soon. We will even do a post on it.

You can visit our profile link on Udemy

10 places to publish your eBooks online

Looking for places to publish your ebooks online? Don’t look any further, this post will help you.

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What does it mean to publish your ebooks online

Publishing your ebooks online is all about using the internet to publish and sell your eBooks.

With the popularity and the extensive growth of internet technology over the years, authors now have a wide variety of choices to publish and sell their ebooks online.


Publishing ebooks on Amazon

Publishing ebooks on Amazon was almost the only option for authors at the developmental stages of the internet. The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) was the only option when Jeff Bezos and Amazon started the golden idea of publishing and selling ebooks online.

Though Amazon KDP still controls over 70% of the ebook publishing industry today there are now very reliable platforms to publish and sell ebooks online.

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10 places to publish ebooks online

The following are the 10 places to publish ebooks online:


Amazon KDP

Of course, we should start with the leader, Amazon KDP. Jeff Bezos and Amazon have been able to provide an exciting platform to publish and sell ebooks for authors worldwide.

It’s so easy to publish your ebook using the KDP platform. Your ebook will be published and will be on sale online within 24 to 72 hours.

When everything is done right, your book should be approved for publication after you uploaded it within 24 hours.

To publish your ebook on Amazon, you will need the following:

  • Your well-formatted book in Microsoft Word
  • Your well-designed ebook cover
  • Your book description
  • Seven keywords suggestions that rightly describe what your book is all about
  • You will be picking two categories where your ebook will reside on Amazon.

Find ebook guides and resources that can help you publish your ebooks on Amazon the right way to ensure their success 



Smashwords and Draft2digital used to be independent ebook publishing platforms. Today they are now one. Draft2digital recently acquired Smashwords.

You can read the details of the acquisition here 

Draft2digital and Smashwords do the same tasks before their merger. They are both ebook aggregators. They publish ebooks and also distribute the ebooks to many other stores.

Draft2digital has a very interesting publishing platform that allows authors to put in every important detail of ebooks during the publishing process.

Sometimes, a newbie author may find the platform a little bit cumbersome to use but with time may get better and master the use of the platform.

You are expected to submit almost the same information as we have under the section on Amazon above.

You can start publishing your ebook on Draft2digital immediately here

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Payhip is another place to publish ebooks online. This is one of the new entrants into the ebook publishing industry.

You will love the Payhip platform so well. It’s so super easy to set up your book on it for sale. A toddler can do this with his eyes closed.

Payhip gives you everything on their platform that will help publish your ebooks and also set them up for sale in minutes.

Publish your ebook on Payhip here 



Well, gumroad is just like Payhip.

Our experience is the same here. Gumroad also pays with PayPal. You can sell online courses apart from eBooks on Gumroad just like Payhip.

In terms of sales, we have not made any sales to date on this platform but we observed some authors and publishers have done so.

For Payhip and gumroad, we have started putting the links to our books directly on some of our top-performing blog pages to make sales.

This is the reason why it’s great if authors have their blogs and invest in making the blogs rank higher on Google searches.

Google gives us lots of traffic on our existing blogs these days. We hope to exploit these to sell our books on Payhip and gumroad by God’s grace.

Related: Talking about authors who have blogs, you can learn On-Page SEO Strategies the way we do it which is by making our blogs rank high on Google search with many keywords and keyphrases in our online course, On-Page SEO Strategies for WordPress bloggers.

If you’re interested, register for the On-Page SEO Strategies course now.

If you would like to sell your ebooks on Gumroad, please start here.



This is our very own Nigerian online bookstore. Though this is presently built for local publishers in my country, we are making efforts to take it internationally soon.

Read more about NowNowBooks now. Read more about NowNowBooks now.


Street Lib

This is another platform to publish ebooks online. It’s built just like Smashwords and Draft2digital.

It’s also an ebook aggregator. They help to distribute your books to many partner ebooks stores and libraries online.

We have not exploited this platform. We hope to do so next year. We have only one book published on the platform so far.

Want to try out this platform, please visit here to start 



LeanPub is another ebook publishing platform online. It’s also free to publish your ebook on this online platform.

The only drawback, from our experience, on this platform, is that it can be difficult for a newbie to navigate this platform to publish their first ebook.

However, you can always find your way around after you are done with the first ebook.

You need to check out LeanPub to see other types of information products you can publish on the platform. Please visit the publishing platform now 


Publish Drive

Publish Drive is another ebook publishing website online. Publish Drive is different, in terms of operation, from the platforms listed above.

Publish Drive allows authors to publish one book on their platforms for wide distribution. If you want to publish more books, you will have to pay for them.

I like the organized way, Publish Drive goes about its operation especially in the area of bringing up more platforms and also giving authors more  ways to market their books.

Another unique thing about Publish Drive is that it allows you to share royalty with others if you are co-authoring a book with other authors. Publish Drive handles all the processes in this case.

Do you want to publish your books in Publish Drive, please do so here



19 ways to make money with ebooks

This post, 19 Ways to Make Money with Books will show you how to  turn your writing skills into money using books.

Please enjoy it and let me read your comment.

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 Introduction to make money with books 

Thank you so much for your interest in this report. I am an author and a book seller. I am also the set man at NowNow Books.

My nice and very rewarding experience with books and all it stands for made me to add NowNow Books to the list of online companies for our organization, Zarepath Publishing.

My first ever self-published book was silly mistakes in mathematics. It was really a great experience. This project opened my eyes to the hidden treasures that are buried with book publishing and sales.

I sold lots of copies of this book in my country and the project also opened up lots of opportunities for me and my company. I have self-published other books since then and I have discovered more opportunities around this business.

One of the most astounding discoveries I made while writing and selling books was the fact that the sales from direct book sales should not be the main or the only source of revenue for authors.

This was new to me before I ventured into the business. I used to think I can only make money with my books only if I can sell lots of copies of it. In fact, this misplaced thoughts actually deprived me of catching on some opportunities at the early stage of my book business.

I will be using this report to show you the different ways you can use your book to rake in lots of revenue for yourself. The money from the sales of your book should actually be the least revenue source for your book.

I have practically used most of these tips so i will be pointing your attention to internet links to support my claims. If you are reading this ebook and you are connected to the internet, you can just visit these links.


Direct Book Sales

This is very common. Most authors have relied on this as their main source of income. Just like I mentioned above this should not be so. However, this is still a good source of revenue for your book especially if you know how to distribute or market your books.

Writing your book is the first step in your book business, publishing it is another step, distributing or selling it is another and it is a very important one. You can’t make money from your books sales if you don’t have ways of putting it in the hands of people who will pay you cash in exchange for your book.

Strategies in direct book sales are beyond the scope of this report but you can check out this great e-book, „Self-Publishing Resources For Your Book Business‟. It describes the various ways you can sell your self-published books. Over 50 book sales resources are discussed in the book. If you want more information, please contact me


Make money with books: Distribute a Free Report

You can package your book and give it away as a free report on your website. Well you may be wondering how you can make money when you are giving out your book as a free report. There are simple and sure ways to make money using this strategy:


  1. You can use your free report to show your expertise and advertise your existing books or yet to be published book.
  1. You can use your free report to give publicity to your brand or organisation. You can visit to see what I am using free reports to do.
  1. You can include affiliate links in your free report and encourage your readers to visit the links. An affiliate business is one that will give you the opportunity to sell other people’s products to earn a commission on each sale. There are many website online offering affiliate opportunities to visitors to their websites. Most of them offer free subscription. You can carry out a search using the google search engine to obtain information about these websites.
  1. Youu can use your free report to build a customer base. Place the free report on your website using an auto responder form. When visitors come to your website to pick the free report, they are asked to leave their contact information and expect an auto response from you containing the link to the free report. Though, they are collecting this report free of charge, they may become paying customers in the future. You can always contact them with the contact information they left with you.


Start a Blog

A blog is an online diary where experts put their thoughts for the people to read. Blogging is big business now. Authors are now running blogs to show their expertise to the public and to promote their books. People will readily buy from an author they have read from on many occasions and the one they know is an authority on his subject. If you have written a book, you can break the book down into several articles and place them on your blog to showcase your expertise and also to promote future books.


Blogging can be a very rewarding exercise if you can make yourself to post consistently on it and show to your readers that you are an expert on your topic. If you combine blogging with the idea in Chapter 2 above, then you will be having a great sales system for your books that will make you money for a long time.


 Distribute Articles

You can also break down your book contents into articles that you will distribute on the internet free of charge. Webmasters have used article distribution to promote their websites, products, brands etc. on the internet. They have also used them to promote affiliate products.

Webmasters have visited article submission websites to pick up these distributed articles for use on their websites. If yours are picked, it presents a wonderful opportunity for you to obtain cheap exposure for whatever you have used your articles to promote.

Therefore, instead of selling your book, you can break it down into articles and distribute them free of charge on the internet to promote other products.


You can search using google search bar for “Articles submission websites” to see examples and visit them to register an account.


Open Doors With Your Books

I love this strategy. I believe my books should open doors of other opportunities to me. After I published my first book, Silly Mistakes in Mathematics (, lots of parents contacted me for consultancy work for their children. I made more money from these consultancy works than the money I made from the sales of the book itself.


I have voluntarily given my books out to experts in my industry expecting a joint venture opportunity with them. One of it gave me lots of money even before I began to sell the book. Books show you as an expert (which you are if you are the author of the book). Other experts will be willing to do business with you if they have seen your expertise on the pages of your book.


Show Yourself As An Authority

Sometimes, you are not directly interested in making immediate cash with your book. You just want to push a book out and distribute freely to show you as a voice in your industry. So you are just going to be distributing your books in the right places to shout out your brand to the whole world.

This may not give you immediate gains of more cash but an increased recognition in your industry will eventually make you wealthy in the nearest future.


 Website Exposure

Lots of businesses are now going online. Web designers are having a nice time designing websites for business owners. Now it is one thing to have a website online, it is another thing to bring people to it. You can use a book to give great exposure to your website by distributing it as articles or as free ebooks.

You should ensure that you persuade readers of your book to visit your website. You can put other free resources like free newsletters subscriptions, free reports etc. in your book asking readers of your free ebook to visit your website to pick them up. Your website links should be conspicuously placed at strategic positions in your free ebook.


Sell a Service

You can also use your book to advertise a service you render. For example, a web designer can write a free ebook titled, ‘How To Put Your Website On The Internet’ or ‘7 Reasons why You Need a Website For Your Business’. The free ebook will, apart from teaching the readers the theme of the book, highlight the necessity for the readers to have a website for their businesses by contacting him (the author) to render the service.

Whatever service you render, you can put up a free ebook on a theme related to your trade. If you can’t write a book, you can look for private label rights (PLR)materials on the internet that is related to your business.

PLR materials are resources that are produced and have been given out or sold to others who can use them as they deem fit. They can be edited or used the way they are. You can search on google for ‘Your theme+PLR ebooks’.


Sell The Contents on Platforms

You can also decide to arrange the contents of your book in a seminar format and sell as seminars or workshops. For example, if you have a book on ‘How To Make Money Selling Information Products’.

You can decide to teach this book on platforms using the most relevant parts of the book as seminar topics. I have seen authors who have sold their books as front-end products and have also organized seminars on the same book contents to the same readers of their books as back-end products.

Sometimes, when you sell on platforms, you make more money compared to when you sell your product just as a book. Seminars attract higher fees than book sales. There is also the opportunity for you to sell private consultancy services through your seminars.


Sell as Consultancy

You can also start out by selling the contents of your book as a consultancy. Some experts have written small books to promote their consultancy services. They have given out the small books free of charge to their customers. They have also used this free small book to promote their services.

I gave my book ‘Silly Mistakes in Mathematics’ free to my customers anytime i seal a consultancy deal with them to train their children. I found out that this act usually strengthened the confidence these parents have in my ability to deliver on the task they have contracted me for.


 You Can Learn a Trade Through Books

This part of the book will be describing how you can profit from the book of others.

Let me quote James R. Cook here. He is a highly successful entrepreneur and is the author of „The Start-Up Entrepreneur‟: “Books strengthen the mind. I have chosen reading books over formal education as a personal means to provide a cultural backdrop to enterpreneuring. Every crumb of knowledge you gain, whether it be an obscure historical fact or philosophical musing

will contribute in some small fashion to your ultimate business success. Books are instructors on virtually all subjects. They have hastened my career and can most assuredly complement yours”

This man has voted to enrich himself with books. I am not surprised he has results to show. I have investigated the lives of many successful people and I have discovered how passionate they are about this topic.

You can improve yourself using books. You can learn a completely new trade with books. One of my mentors (a newspaper publisher) had to vote for a new trade to save his business from collapse when he discovered a book titled, ‘555 Ways to Earn Extra Money’ written by Jay Conrad Levinson.

He switched on to the information supplied in this book and a fresh surge of financial air blew across his finances and his business.

I have profited immensely from books. I have learnt many new things from books which have gone ahead to improve my lots in life. You can vote for this too. Books will make you rich if you know how to use them for this purpose.


Increase Your Values Through Books

This is related to the previous tip. You should develop the mentality of improving your values with books. When your values increase, your worth will increase and this will have a positive effect on your economy or bank account.

You should learn to look for books that have been written on any topic where you are presently having challenges. It is believed that a book has been written on any topic you can think of. You only need to search for them. The search engines are useful in this regard. You can also use your local library for this purpose or the bookstores.


You can also register as a member of NowNow Books and refer your friends at if you have not done so before. You can also send us an email if you want us to help you in this regard. Send your email to

You should have a book you read every month. I have a list of authors I read from every month. I always read a chapter from their old books if I don‟t have a new book from them. I always ensured I read their thoughts every month.


Start a Membership Page

I want you to get yourself subscribed to our newsletter at to see an example of a simple membership page. We have a page that is loaded with problem-solving books and which is updated on a monthly basis at no cost to subscribers. It is a free membership website. However, offering it free does not mean we can’t profit from it in the long run. We have also used the page to introduce some of our quality premium products to subscribers of the website. We have also used it grow our subscribers list. The catch here is that if you consistently give good values to some people over time, they will end up seeing you as an authority on the subject and they can easily buy from you in the future.

You can also decide to make your membership website a paid one. If you are going to be successful in this business, you must ensure you have enough original contents on your topic so

that your subscribers can stay subscribed to your website for a long time. They will stay with you if you give them value for their money on a regular basis.

Starting and maintaining a membership website of your quality books is also a great way to sell large copies of new books within a very short time. If you have a new book, the first sets of people that must get a notice are your precious subscribers.


Promote a Cause

You can also profit immensely from your book if you decide to write a book to promote a cause. I have seen many NGOs in my country who have not used this strategy to promote their NGOs.

People can readily relate and understand your mission if you have a book written on what you are promoting. People can read your thoughts on the issue and take decisions to identify with your cause.

This strategy can really do a world of good to NGOs. When you have lots of people identifying with your cause, you can be sure money and other resources will flow in the direction of your NGO. You can get in touch with us to write a promotional book for your NGO if you need assistance in this regard, send an email to us at NowNow Books.


Make money with books: Start a Bookstore

You can also start a physical or online bookstore. An offline or a physical bookstore has been around for a long time now and many business-minded people have really profited from it. 

I must confess that there are many of them around now. However, you can start a bookstore that is different from others that are around you. You should offer other different services in your bookstore.

You should look out for ideas that you can run alongside your bookstore that will bring people in your locality into your bookstore. When they come for this, they can also pay a visit into the book section of your bookstore.

I have seen religious organizations make good use of this strategy. Most of them in my country have their bookstores at the entrance of their churches. Church members can just visit the bookstore on their way into the church or when they are leaving.

Most of them have even announced the availability of new titles at the end of a service or a special programme.

They have the crowd, so they can turn the crowds into bookstore customers. An online bookstore is very common these days. Most businesses now have online bookstores on their websites.

These are simple online store set up with basic resources.


Publish Newsletters

You can turn your book idea into a newsletter. For example, if you have an idea like ‘How To Raise Children’, you can decide to start publishing newsletters on ‘Tips for Mums’. A newsletter idea can develop from a single book idea.

You only need to stretch your thinking to expand the idea. I wrote a book ‘Silly Mistakes in Mathematics’ which corrects students’ foundational errors in the subject. I can stretch my thinking to expand this idea to bring up a newsletter like ‘Improved Mathematics for High Schoolers’.

A newsletter can be distributed online (ezine) or as paper edition. If you are low on budget, you can start an online edition of your newsletter. Newsletters will give you the opportunity to develop a customer database, get in touch with them on a regular basis, show your expertise and also give you the opportunity to have ready customers you can sell your future books to.

If you maintain a quality newsletter, you can be sure of a followership of loyal customers for your books and other information products.


Publish Newspapers

This is closely related to the tip above especially if you are publishing your newsletters offline as paper edition. A book idea can be turned into a newspaper idea. For example, I wrote ‘How To Produce Job-winning Resumes’ and distributed it online.

However I discovered that a newspaper idea can come out of this book idea and Job Zone newspaper was born. Publishing newspapers will involve lots of things which are beyond the scope of this guide. You can run a search online for “Newspaper Publishing” and peruse the results.

Finally, I hope you have enjoyed this post.. Now you can be encouraged to earn lots of cash with your book. I am wishing you all the best. If you have comments you want to pass across to me, you can write it here in the comment section.


Amazon Kindle prime reading: How to nominate your book for it

Amazon Kindle prime reading is another way published authors on Amazon can benefit from the various marketing and book promotion programs of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

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What is Amazon Kindle prime reading

Amazon Kindle prime reading is, according to the Amazon KDP website, “a rotating selection of eBooks available to Prime Members to read for free.”

You can nominate one eligible eBook at a time for prime reading. Your nomination expires after 90 days. Though you can re-nominate the same book or another one after 90 days.

Your nomination can also automatically be re-enrolled after 90 days. You only need to check the box from the pop-up page that comes up after you have clicked, ‘Manage Nomination’ below the Prime reading page.  See the picture below:

Amazon Kindle prime reading


How do you nominate your book for Amazon Kindle prime reading?

  • You can nominate your book for Amazon Kindle prime reading by following the steps below:

Log in to your Amazon KDP account

Amazon Kindle deals


Click on the ‘Marketing’ tab at the top of your Dashboard.

Nominate book for Kindle deals


Scroll down and the bottom of the page to the Kindle deals and prime reading section. The prime reading page is to the right of this section.

Amazon prime reading


You will be able to follow simple on-screen steps to nominate your book for prime reading. You will observe that from the image above, I have a book nominated already.

How to publish Kindle ebook on Amazon


Other information you need to know

The following is some of the other information you need to know about Amazon Kindle prime reading:

  • You should understand that nomination of your book does not guarantee enrollment
  • Prime Reading selection has limited space and not all nominated ebook titles will be selected for participation
  • If your book is selected,  Amazon will send you an email with the details and you can either accept or decline the offer
  • If you are not contacted within 90 days, that implies your ebook title was not selected for a promotion
  • You can’t cancel nominations
  • If after the nomination expires, you would like to nominate a different book, ensure you do not set it to auto-renew

I hope you loved this. Please show some love by sharing this post with your friends on social media. Let me read your comment.


Amazon book description generation

Amazon book description is one of the most important parts of publishing and selling your ebooks in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). You must learn how to create or write that book description that can make your Ebooks sell very well on Amazon.

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What is Amazon book description?

Amazon book description is the marketing or promotional content written by authors while publishing their books on Amazon KDP. The book description is displayed on the book’s sales page on Amazon after it goes live on Amazon.

Authors must ensure their Books’ Description is well crafted so that they can help visitors to their books to make buying decisions.

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What you need to know about writing books description?

Your book description on online markets like Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble can have:


  • Different font sizes,
  • Use bullet points,
  • And other unique font features

You will need the knowledge of HTML code to create this awesome book description for your books on these stores with all the features mentioned above.


How do you create these awesome book Descriptions?

You can create these awesome book descriptions even if you don’t know any HTML using this interesting free tool by

With their free book description generator, you can create awesome book descriptions for markets like Amazon, B&N, and Kobo. This will help your book look that much more professional.


Advantages of using beautiful book descriptions

The main advantage of using beautiful and awesome book descriptions is to get more sales for.your books on Amazon.

It increases the conversion rate for your book sales page. A good percentage of visitors to your book sales pages will end up buying books. A good conversion rate makes Amazon recommend your sales page on search results.

Please visit Kindlepreneur to start using the book description generator now.

Amazon Kindle deals: How to nominate your book for it

Amazon Kindle deals can be a marketing option you can use to boost the sales of your published book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

If you hit the luck and your book is picked for promotion by Amazon KDP management, you can expect to see a rush of sales.

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What is Amazon Kindle deals?

Amazon Kindle deals are limited-time discounts offered on published eBooks on Amazon KDP.  Authors have the good option of nominating up to two eligible published eBooks at a time.

Just as I mentioned above, Amazon reserve the right to pick any ebook nominated under the program for a special promotion. Your nominated ebook can just hit that golden luck.

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What Amazon does after your ebook is picked on Amazon Kindle deals

Amazon Kindle Deals have limited space and not all nominated titles will be selected to participate. However, If your title is selected, Amazon will send you an email with the details of the promotion, and you can either accept or decline the offer.

I don’t think any published author on Amazon will reject such an offer. Accepting it can turn things around magically for your ebook title.


How to nominate your ebook for Amazon Kindle deals

I want you to follow the steps below to nominate your book for Amazon Kindle deals:

Log in to your Amazon KDP account

Amazon Kindle deals


Click on ‘Marketing’ It’s one of the tabs at the top of your Amazon KDP Dashboard. See the picture below:

Nominate book for Kindle deals


Scroll down to the bottom of the next page to see the section Nominate your ebooks) where you are going to nominate your ebook in Kindle deals.

You will observe from the image above that I already have two ebooks nominated and these nominations will be expiring this month of October 2022.

If you have not nominated any ebook, you can just click on Nominate an ebook in this section and follow simple on-screen instructions to complete the process.

You can always manage your existing nominations in the course of the three months of their active nominations by clicking Manage nominations at the bottom of the section.

When you click on manage nominations, a Pop up screen below comes up:

You should note that you can’t change your nominations during the compulsory three months of the active nomination of your ebook.

You can allow these nominations to be automatically re-enrolled for another three months cycle of nominations. However, if you don’t want automatic re-enrollment, you can uncheck the box in the image above.

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