10 places to publish your eBooks online

Looking for places to publish your ebooks online? Don’t look any further, this post will help you. This post shows online stores to self publish ebooks online.

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What does it mean to publish your ebooks online

Publishing your ebooks online is all about using the internet to publish and sell your eBooks.

With the popularity and the extensive growth of internet technology over the years, authors now have a wide variety of choices to publish and sell their ebooks online.


Publishing ebooks on Amazon

Publishing ebooks on Amazon was almost the only option for authors at the developmental stages of the internet. The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) was the only option when Jeff Bezos and Amazon started the golden idea of publishing and selling ebooks online.

Though Amazon KDP still controls over 70% of the ebook publishing industry today there are now very reliable platforms to publish and sell ebooks online.

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10 places to publish ebooks online

The following are the 10 places to publish ebooks online:


Amazon KDP

Of course, we should start with the leader, Amazon KDP. Jeff Bezos and Amazon have been able to provide an exciting platform to publish and sell ebooks for authors worldwide.

It’s so easy to publish your ebook using the KDP platform. Your ebook will be published and will be on sale online within 24 to 72 hours.

When everything is done right, your book should be approved for publication after you uploaded it within 24 hours.

To publish your ebook on Amazon, you will need the following:

  • Your well-formatted book in Microsoft Word
  • Your well-designed ebook cover
  • Your book description
  • Seven keywords suggestions that rightly describe what your book is all about
  • You will be picking two categories where your ebook will reside on Amazon.

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Smashwords and Draft2digital used to be independent ebook publishing platforms. Today they are now one. Draft2digital recently acquired Smashwords.

You can read the details of the acquisition here 

Draft2digital and Smashwords do the same tasks before their merger. They are both ebook aggregators. They publish ebooks and also distribute the ebooks to many other stores.

Draft2digital has a very interesting publishing platform that allows authors to put in every important detail of ebooks during the publishing process.

Sometimes, a newbie author may find the platform a little bit cumbersome to use but with time may get better and master the use of the platform.

You are expected to submit almost the same information as we have under the section on Amazon above.

You can start publishing your ebook on Draft2digital immediately here

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Payhip is another place to publish ebooks online. This is one of the new entrants into the ebook publishing industry.

You will love the Payhip platform so well. It’s so super easy to set up your book on it for sale. A toddler can do this with his eyes closed.

Payhip gives you everything on their platform that will help publish your ebooks and also set them up for sale in minutes.

Publish your ebook on Payhip here 



Well, gumroad is just like Payhip.

Our experience is the same here. Gumroad also pays with PayPal. You can sell online courses apart from eBooks on Gumroad just like Payhip.

In terms of sales, we have not made any sales to date on this platform but we observed some authors and publishers have done so.

For Payhip and gumroad, we have started putting the links to our books directly on some of our top-performing blog pages to make sales.

This is the reason why it’s great if authors have their blogs and invest in making the blogs rank higher on Google searches.

Google gives us lots of traffic on our existing blogs these days. We hope to exploit these to sell our books on Payhip and gumroad by God’s grace.

Related: Talking about authors who have blogs, you can learn On-Page SEO Strategies the way we do it which is by making our blogs rank high on Google search with many keywords and keyphrases in our online course, On-Page SEO Strategies for WordPress bloggers.

If you’re interested, register for the On-Page SEO Strategies course now.

If you would like to sell your ebooks on Gumroad, please start here.



This is our very own Nigerian online bookstore. Though this is presently built for local publishers in my country, we are making efforts to take it internationally soon.

Read more about NowNowBooks now. Read more about NowNowBooks now.


Street Lib

This is another platform to publish ebooks online. It’s built just like Smashwords and Draft2digital.

It’s also an ebook aggregator. They help to distribute your books to many partner ebooks stores and libraries online.

We have not exploited this platform. We hope to do so next year. We have only one book published on the platform so far.

Want to try out this platform, please visit here to start 



LeanPub is another ebook publishing platform online. It’s also free to publish your ebook on this online platform.

The only drawback, from our experience, on this platform, is that it can be difficult for a newbie to navigate this platform to publish their first ebook.

However, you can always find your way around after you are done with the first ebook.

You need to check out LeanPub to see other types of information products you can publish on the platform. Please visit the publishing platform now 


Publish Drive

Publish Drive is another ebook publishing website online. Publish Drive is different, in terms of operation, from the platforms listed above.

Publish Drive allows authors to publish one book on their platforms for wide distribution. If you want to publish more books, you will have to pay for them.

I like the organized way, Publish Drive goes about its operation especially in the area of bringing up more platforms and also giving authors more  ways to market their books.

Another unique thing about Publish Drive is that it allows you to share royalty with others if you are co-authoring a book with other authors. Publish Drive handles all the processes in this case.

Do you want to publish your books in Publish Drive, please do so here



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