ACX announces reduction in prices of audiobooks

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ACX announces reduction in prices of audiobooks. This should interest you if you sell audiobooks through ACX on audible.


What is ACX?

ACX is an Amazon company. It brings authors and narrators to produce audiobooks. On ACX, authors have the golden opportunity to produce and distribute their books as audiobooks.

This is a massive opportunity for authors. Authors can have a whole book narrated as audio without paying a dime.

You can learn more about ACX .


Why ACX is reducing prices

I want you to read the news release from ACX on why they have decided to reduce prices of audiobooks.

ACX was founded to create and drive new revenue streams for creators, and this mission inspires everything we do. As we strive to ensure our listeners continue to engage with and enjoy a variety of content across our service, we periodically try out different pricing on content with the goal of improving customer satisfaction and interaction with our offerings—and driving sales of your titles.

Starting today, Audible is reducing prices on titles, including ACX titles, across the site. While we cannot make projections on a title-by-title basis, we anticipate that these price reductions will lead to increased sales for titles overall. In tandem, as the vast majority of Audible content is purchased with a credit, you should expect your average royalty per unit for credit sales to remain steady.

Our commitment to customers and creators is core to who we are and we remain focused on serving and supporting you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at with any questions.

The ACX Team


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