Amazon book description generation

Amazon book description is one of the most important parts of publishing and selling your ebooks in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). You must learn how to create or write that book description that can make your Ebooks sell very well on Amazon.

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What is Amazon book description?

Amazon book description is the marketing or promotional content written by authors while publishing their books on Amazon KDP. The book description is displayed on the book’s sales page on Amazon after it goes live on Amazon.

Authors must ensure their Books’ Description is well crafted so that they can help visitors to their books to make buying decisions.

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What you need to know about writing books description?

Your book description on online markets like Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble can have:


  • Different font sizes,
  • Use bullet points,
  • And other unique font features

You will need the knowledge of HTML code to create this awesome book description for your books on these stores with all the features mentioned above.


How do you create these awesome book Descriptions?

You can create these awesome book descriptions even if you don’t know any HTML using this interesting free tool by

With their free book description generator, you can create awesome book descriptions for markets like Amazon, B&N, and Kobo. This will help your book look that much more professional.


Advantages of using beautiful book descriptions

The main advantage of using beautiful and awesome book descriptions is to get more sales for.your books on Amazon.

It increases the conversion rate for your book sales page. A good percentage of visitors to your book sales pages will end up buying books. A good conversion rate makes Amazon recommend your sales page on search results.

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