Amazon KDP reviews: What I do after I get reviews

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Have you heard about Amazon KDP reviews (Kindle Direct Publishing)?  Do you understand how to get reviews for your books on Amazon?

Do you even understand the relevance of book reviews to the success of your ebooks on Amazon? This post will show you what we do after we get some reviews for any of our ebooks on Amazon KDP.

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What are book reviews on Amazon KDP?

Book reviews on Amazon KDP are very important factors for the success of any published books or ebooks on Amazon. Book reviews are the comments, testimonials, views, or feedback from readers of a book on Amazon.

Readers or customers have the opportunity to come back to the book review page of a book they bought to leave feedback.

Readers can also decide not to write a review but give a star rating between 1 to 5. The higher the rating given or the closer it is to 5, the more satisfied the customer is after reading the book.

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Amazon KDP reviews: What is the relevance?

The relevance of Amazon KDP reviews to the success of your book on Amazon is much. Please find below some of them:

  • It shows how customers value or hate your book.
  • It shows the quality of your book
  • It gives the signal to the Amazon system or algorithm on how to place your book in search results
  • It gives visitors to your book page the opportunity to see what others think about your book
  • It can either encourage people to buy or avoid your book

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What we do after getting reviews for our books

In our organization, we go the extra length to get book reviews. I will be using a future post to show you the creative and free ways we get reviews for our books on Amazon.

After getting some reviews for our published books on Amazon, we carry out some sales-boosting activities to leverage the reviews we have received.

I want you to watch the video below to learn about what we do after we get reviews for our books on Amazon.


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