Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: Why you must publish and sell ebooks on it

Why should publish and sell ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing? That is a question I wan to help you to answer with this post and generally with this blog.

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Watch this video to know what Amazon KDP is all about


Fact About Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Amazon has 4.9 bullion visitors per month. ACX, an Amazon company that publishes and distributes audiobooks for authors has about 24 million visitors per month.

That’s massive and that’s should send a massive message to authors and publishers.

Now I don’t want you to waste time to dwell on the many accusations that have been levied against the Amazon and the CEO, Jeff Bezos especially with the way they have tried to manipulate and monopolize the publishing market and industry to suit itself because of the massive advantage it has as a company.

The truth (and a big ‘money and profit truth’ at that) remains that Amazon has the audience that wants to buy your ebooks or paperback books or audiobooks. You just have to be on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing selling your books as an author!


My simple advice to authors on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

I run a publishing firm in my country and through this platform; we have helped lots of authors to put their books on Amazon over the years. The simple advice we give these authors is that they must get their books published and on sale on Amazon through their publishing platform called KDP.

We even did an online course and published ebooks that will authors to achieve their aims of getting published on Amazon and also selling their books effectively.

See the Online course at How I Sell Books on Amazon (Simple strategies I have used to sell lots of kindle books).


Our big target

Though we use other platforms to publish and sell our ebooks, Amazon remains the big fish for us. We have a target to improve our monthly ebook sales on Amazon significantly in the next twelve months.


Reason for KDP College

I have created KDP College (this website and blog) to help other authors find relevant information that will make them publish and sell more ebooks on Amazon.

I am also interested in helping fellow authors make passive income from writings and their books.

I will be using Amazon KDP has a case study on this blog and website to discuss how we make passive income with our books. I will also show you how we publish and distribute our ebooks with other Amazon alternatives publishing company online.

Yes we have a guide and a template we use so that we don’t go against rules from Amazon on exclusivity and also rules from these other platforms when we publish our ebooks on other platforms online.

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