Book marketing strategies for Amazon

We recently recommended these book marketing strategies for Amazon for some authors who want to sell more ebooks on Amazon.

I strongly believe they will be of great use to you too if you also want to sell more books on Amazon KDP.

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What are book marketing strategies?

Book marketing strategies are book marketing plans authors can follow to expose their published books to more readers. This will ultimately increase the number of book sales.

I believe authors should always design short book marketing strategies like the one in this post and long book marketing strategies that can also publicize their brands as authors.


Do you have a book marketing plan?

Do you have a book marketing plan for your published books as an author?

Most authors don’t have one and I wonder how they hope to get their books into the hands of more readers.

Well, these short book marketing strategies will help you to have an idea of good and short ebook marketing strategies that you can use to sell more books on Amazon KDP.

Now, let’s go.


Book marketing strategies: Step-by-step guide

Check out the short book marketing strategies for your published books on Amazon KDP below;

Write a free book. It can be a short book of about 20 pages. In the free ebook, you will list the links to all your other published paid books on Amazon.

Publish the free book on Amazon and Draft2digital.  List the book as free on Draft2digital too.

After publishing on Draft2digital, send an email to Amazon to make the price of the book free on Amazon (price match). Amazon does not allow you to list your book for free when you publish them.


Sell paid books through free book

When people download the free book on Amazon, they will see your paid books and may buy them. You should ensure your free book solves the problem it promised to solve effectively. This will encourage readers to buy your listed paid books on Amazon.

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Paid book marketing plan

I am also highly recommending this paid book marketing plan for your published books on Amazon KDP.


Check paid advertising options

List your book for a paid advert on the website below Written Word Media. We have used it before to promote our books.

Click to see different book advertising options


Run freebooksy ad

You can first of all run a freebooksy marketing on that website to promote your free book or promote a Kindle Select free days on your books on Amazon.


Run a Bargain Booksy ad

You can also run a bargain Booksy marketing ad after this. You will need to measure the impact of the advert to see and analyze your results.

There are other advertising sections on the website above. You can visit the website to see them.

I am happy you read this post. I believe you will make good use of the book marketing strategies discussed here

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