Book promotion websites

These book promotion websites will greatly help your Kindle ebook sales if you learn to do things right. We have used some of these book promotion websites to promote some of our books on Amazon.

I must confess we have not used them of late the way we did in the past. This should not stop you from exploring some of them to promote your Amazon Kindle eBooks.


What are book promotion websites?

Book promotion websites are ebook marketing and promotional platforms where authors and publishers can get their published ebooks promoted to the right audience.

The promotional services are not limited to only published ebooks on Amazon. You can also use some of these book promotion websites to promote your published ebooks on Apple, Barnes, and Noble, Kobo, etc.


Book promotion websites: Are they legit?

Book promotion websites are legit. Well, I believe I can stand solidly behind this direct answer.

Agreed, there are fakes, and there are some who will not deliver what they promised to deliver. But this does not rule out the fact that there are a lot of them that are legit and who deliver their promises.

So the onus lies on you to carry out your due diligence before you do business with any of them. You must also do this for any website link we are going to show in this post.


How do book promotion websites operate?

Book promotion websites operate in the following ways:

  • They have a segmented email list to which they promote your books.
  • They also promote your ebooks on their websites whether on the home page or wherever they believe you will get good traffic to your ebooks.


Are they free services?

Most of these book promotion websites have both free and paid services. Some of them will ask you to submit your ebook and its details for free promotion but will add a caveat for you to speed up the chance of your ebook being accepted and promoted by paying a certain amount of money.

From experience, some of the free promotions we submitted don’t get accepted by these websites. But there are some exceptions like Awesome Gang and Ebook Angel. You will find some of the other links in the list in this post.

We also find the FreeBooksy and BargainBooksy services from Written Word Media very useful and valuable. Bookbub is also another service that will give you value for money. Though your ebook has to pass through a rigorous check to get accepted.

Some book promotion websites will reuiyyour ebook on Amazon to have a certain number of reviews before it can qualify to be promoted on their platforms. I believe they put this requirement in place to ensure they only promote quality ebooks to their highly esteemed subscribers.

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Powerful ebook marketing tools

No matter how we look at it, these book promotion websites are very powerful marketing tools for authors especially if you can find out one or two or three that can deliver good service to you.

Getting your ebook featured on some of these top book promotion websites can bring hundreds and even thousands of eBook sales in a single day!

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List of book promotion websites: Group A

The list of book promotion websites for paid book promotions. When your book is priced at $0.99 and higher.

Please find a comprehensive list here.

List of ebook promotion websites: Group B

The following is the list of ebook promotion websites when you are running a free promotion.

Please find a comprehensive list here.


Record your results

You must take inventory as you make use of these ebook promotion websites. You need to know what’s working for both free and paid promotions.

This way, you can concentrate your efforts on what’s working and leave out what’s not working.

If you find anything or any website that’s working effectively, please share your experience with us. Share this post with your friends on social media.





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