Bugs on Amazon KDP

There are recent issues of bugs on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and I believe this should interest every Kindle Direct Publishing author.

Bugs on Amazon KDP: What are bugs?

Bugs are, in computer technology, coding errors in a computer program. A computer program is the microcode that is manufactured into a microprocessor.

Usually, a process of dubugging is carried out by the software owner before the users of the software find out the errors in the software. Dubugging is therefore the process of finding bugs.


Why you should be interested as an Amazon KDP author

Authors on Amazon KDP should understand the situation with bugs on Amazon KDP and find out what they should be doing.

Naturally, anytime there are glitches of the types we are seeing recently in the world’s largest bookseller, KDP authors tend to get a little nervous.

How Jeff Bezos and Amazon started


Bugs on Amazon KDP: What’s happening?

According to a report monitored on the Kindlepreneur blog, the following represent the bugs that have been noticed so far on Amazon KDP:

  1. Some prices are increasing for no reason (while the author still gets the lesser royalties)
  2. Some books are not appearing in their chosen categories, even if Amazon says they are
  3. There has been a rise in terminated accounts

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Is this happening to all Amazon KDP authors?

Just before you hit the panic button as an Amazon KDP author, read the cheering news from the Kindlepreneur blog:

Now, this isn’t happening for everyone, but there is a definite trend among the feedback we’ve been receiving, and the data we’re seeing in Publisher Rocket.


What can you do as a KDP author?

You should understand that there may be other bugs apart from the ones reported by the Kindlepreneur blog. You should be on the watch over your Amazon KDP account.

If you notice any glitch, you can always get in touch with the ever-reliable Amazon KDP support via email or phone call. They will be ready to help you.

In the meantime, you should read an article on the Kindlepreneur blog to get more information about this problem. The article will show you how you can identify the bugs, and ways to solve them if your book falls victim.

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