Buy Books Online in Nigeria at Cheap Prices and With No Stress

If you want to buy books online in Nigeria, this press release from Zarepath Publishing, owner of, an online bookstore in Nigeria will be of great use to you.

New Startup Online bookstore in Nigeria promises NowNow Delivery for purchased books online.

Lovers and users of books and other forms of info products can now buy those products online from the comfort of their rooms and receive their products immediately online or at their doorsteps., a subsidiary of Zarepath Publishing is now open to both readers, authors  and sellers of books and other informations products who want to either buy or sell these products on their platform. CEO and founder of NowNow Books,Sesan Oguntade, has said.

According to Sesan Oguntade, is wholly devoted to the listing and sales of only problem-solving books and other information products like ebooks, audio and video products, online video courses, softwares, and apps. No other products apart from these will be listed on this platform now or in the future.

NowNow Books is poised to give book lovers, readers, authors and sellers of books a good experience in their bid to update their knowledge on any topic of interest and also to solve any problem they may be facing in their lives or in their society.

Oguntade said, “NowNow Books is determined to become the leading online bookstore in Nigeria in terms of the quality of information products listed and sold on the platform, the ease and stress-less delivery of products to customers, the prompt and efficient customer service, and the publishing assistance rendered to authors.”

“I specifically  desire to make NowNow Books a platform people will turn to when they desire books, ebooks and any information product that can help them solve one problem or other in their lives, businesses or at their workplaces. Products listed on our platform will be thoroughly screened for quality and fulfillment of what they promised to solve.”

Mr. Oguntade further said, “Our online bookstore also strongly desires to help Nigerian authors get published worldwide.  Having published internationally myself for some years now and with some degree of success, I want to help more authors to get their books out there through NowNow Books. We will give them free resources that will help them market their books on a worldwide scale.”

“We are both tutors and readers friendly. We want to encourage readers to obtain problems-solving books and information products without stress or difficulty and at the cheapest prices. Readers can even do a custom order for any information product or books they can’t find on our platform. We use one of the most efficient payment processing platform in Nigeria (Paystack) to process payment so your payment or card details are safe when you use it on our platform.”

Mr.Oguntade believes books and information products that add values to lives and solve problems should not be too expensive.

He said, “At NowNow Books, all our ebooks are priced from N0 to N1000 and we encourage authors who will sell on our platform to do the same. Special discount promotions are always ongoing and open to visitors to our website or customers who register free as NowNow Books members.”

NowNow Books is an online bookstore in Nigeria. You can gain free access to our e-library and also get the best deals if you register as a NowNow member today at

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