Audiobooks sales calculator: a free tool

Dave Chesson’s KindlePreneur has given authors the audiobooks sales calculator. This is part of the promise made to the readers of his blog to update some of the free author tools on their stable this year.

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What are audiobooks?

Audiobooks are simply audio versions of books or ebooks. The demand for audiobooks has risen astronomically in the past few years.

It’s believed the demand for audiobooks will continue to move upwards. Lots of people now prefer to use audiobooks instead of ebooks or even paperback books.


What are audiobooks sales calculator?

Audiobooks sales calculator are simply author tools to calculate the potential sales of an audiobook.

Amazon is not left out of the new audiobooks wave. Its sister company, ACX helps authors to get their audiobooks published and distributed worldwide.

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Audiobooks sales calculator: free Author tool by KindlePreneur

I want you to read more information about the press release on the audiobooks sales calculator by KindlePreneur.

Dave at KindlePreneur takes it up:

“I’ve added a new FREE tool that does the same for audiobooks.

This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time because the ranking for audiobooks on Amazon/Audible runs on a different system from ebooks and print books. That made audiobooks incompatible with my original book sales calculator.

All you have to do is find your best seller rank by visiting the Amazon page of any given audiobook, then going to the details section and selecting the top number you see under “Best Sellers Rank”.


Then you just pop that number into the Audiobook Sales Calculator and PRESTO! You have an estimated number of sales per day for that audiobook.

Check out the new tool here

What is Draft2digital publishing (video)

The video in this post will answer the question, What is Draft2digital publishing. If you are interested in publishing on other ebook stores or libraries online apart from Amazon KDP, then you need to consider Draft2digital publishing.

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What is Draft2digital publishing?

Draft2digital publishing is all about publishing your ebooks, paperback books and audiobooks through Draft2digital. Draft2digital is an online book aggregator or distribution platform.

When you publish your book on Draft2digital, it will be distributed to online stores and libraries that are partners with Draft2digital.

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Watch video on Draft2digital publishing

I want you to watch this video on Draft2digital publishing to learn more.



How to publish your books on Babelcube

Do you want to learn how to publish your books on Babelcube? This post is just right for you.

You will learn how to publish your ebooks in foreign languages online and get them distributed to the major stores at no cost to you!

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What is Babelcube publishing?

Bebelcube publishing is all about getting your books published on Babelcube. You may want to ask, ‘What is the big deal about Babelcube?

Well:⁠-⁠D Babelcube came on the scene a few years ago linking authors, translators, and online stores together in an amazing relationship that will see Authors’ books being translated, published, distributed, and sold worldwide.

Fantastic opportunity for authors and publishers you will say. Yes, it’s an amazing opportunity and many authors have taken advantage of this great initiative to publish their books in many foreign languages. Yours truly inclusive.


Steps to publish your books on Babelcube

These are the steps for Babelcube publishing:

Your books are translated for free

Babelcube allows your book to be translated into different languages other than the English language free of charge!

Your book when uploaded to the platform can be translated into languages like French, Spanish, German, Greek, Italian, etc. Even books in other languages can be translated into the English language.

Translators will find you

When you register and your book is uploaded, translators, who have registered on Babelcube, can find your book and send a request to you to translate your book into a particular language. Babelcube will notify you by email.

You have a right to accept this request or reject it.

Search for translators yourself

You can also decide not to wait for a request from a translator. You can ask a translator in your language of choice to consider translating your book.

The translator has a right to accept or reject your request.

Sign an agreement

When you and a translator agree to go ahead with the translation project, both of you will be required to sign an agreement electronically.

Vet a sample

When this is done, the translator will begin work and produce a sample within some days (usually 10% of the work).

You will be notified when the sample is ready so that you can look at it and either approve or reject it. If you like the sample translation, you will accept it so that the translator can be notified to continue the translation of the remaining parts of the book.

You can also reject the sample if you don’t like it. This will automatically put a halt to the project.
If you accept it, a date is set for the full translation of the book.

Complete publishing

After the translator is done with the project, Babelcube will notify you to check, approve and finish the publishing on Babelcube.

To complete publishing, you will have to design a translated cover and put in all other details.

After your book is published, Babelcube begins the distribution to many stores including Amazon.

How Babelcube pays authors

Babelcube pays monthly when your earnings reach the minimum threshold of $10. If your earnings do not reach the minimum of $10 in a month, it will roll over to the following month.

Babelcube, the author and the translator shares the royalties in a determined ratio.

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More information about Babelcube publishing

Babelcube Publishing is a very good way to go wide with your books published in different languages free of charge!

You should understand that if your book is published successfully in one language, translators in other languages can still request to translate the same book.

So you can have your book published and distributed all over the world in different languages. That’s super cool!

Some of my books like The Prostitute novel are already published in many languages through Babelcube.

Publish your books on Babelcube

The sales from these books are also good over the years.

I took the time to explain this so that you can know all that is involved with Babelcube publishing and publishing your ebooks in different languages online.


Do you want us to help you publish your books on Babelcube?

If you want us to help publish your books on Babelcube, this is how we do it:

  • For a book, we go through the process to publish it on Babelcube and try to get a translator in one language to translate it. We monitor the process until it is published in that language. For the above first stage, we charge you (contact us for the price).
  • Now, if other translators request to get the book translated into another language, we go through the process again but this time we charge you (contact us for the price)
  • For each subsequent transaction, we charge the same amount above for the same book.
  • For another book or a fresh book, we start again with the first price above.

So that’s how we do Babelcube publishing in our organization at Zarepath Publishing.

Contact us to get your books published in foreign languages online and distributed worldwide.

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ACX announces reduction in prices of audiobooks

ACX announces reduction in prices of audiobooks. This should interest you if you sell audiobooks through ACX on audible.


What is ACX?

ACX is an Amazon company. It brings authors and narrators to produce audiobooks. On ACX, authors have the golden opportunity to produce and distribute their books as audiobooks.

This is a massive opportunity for authors. Authors can have a whole book narrated as audio without paying a dime.

You can learn more about ACX .


Why ACX is reducing prices

I want you to read the news release from ACX on why they have decided to reduce prices of audiobooks.

ACX was founded to create and drive new revenue streams for creators, and this mission inspires everything we do. As we strive to ensure our listeners continue to engage with and enjoy a variety of content across our service, we periodically try out different pricing on content with the goal of improving customer satisfaction and interaction with our offerings—and driving sales of your titles.

Starting today, Audible is reducing prices on titles, including ACX titles, across the site. While we cannot make projections on a title-by-title basis, we anticipate that these price reductions will lead to increased sales for titles overall. In tandem, as the vast majority of Audible content is purchased with a credit, you should expect your average royalty per unit for credit sales to remain steady.

Our commitment to customers and creators is core to who we are and we remain focused on serving and supporting you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at with any questions.

The ACX Team


Can I publish on Amazon KDP and Smashwords?

If you want a good answer to this question: Can I publish on Amazon KDP and Smashwords? You have this post to give you all the answers you desire.

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Can I Publish in Amazon KDP and Smashwords: Going wide

Authors who want to publish on both Amazon KDP and Smashwords (or Draft2digital) are said to be going wide with their books.

In case you don’t know Smashwords was acquired this year by Draft2digital. So publishing your ebook on Smashwords is just the same as publishing your ebooks on Draft2digital. The two publishing companies are now one.

Going wide with your books

Smashwords or Draft2digital publishes your book and also helps you to distribute it to all their major ebook stores and online library partners. This way, your book has the chance of reaching as many people online as possible.

However, we have seen authors who prefer to publish their books only on Amazon. These authors have chosen that their published books on Amazon KDP should be on the exclusive list.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both forms of ebook publishing.

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Can I Publish on Amazon KDP and Smashwords or Draft2digital?

Yes, Yiu can publish on Amazon KDP and Smashwords or Draft2digital at the same time if you fulfill certain rules, especially on the part of Amazon KDP.

What are the rules? Let’s look at them below:

Don’t opt in for Amazon Kindle Select

If you want to publish your ebooks on both Amazon KDP and Smashwords or Draft2digital at the same time, you should not opt-in for Amazon Kindle Select program.

If you enroll your book in the Amazon Kindle Select program during publication or at any time, Amazon expects the book to be exclusive to them. This implies that you must not publish the ebook version on any other online stores for three months.

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Your book’s price must be the same

If you must successfully publish your ebooks on Amazon KDP and Smashwords or Draft2digital, then your book’s price must be the same in all the stores where you published your books outside Amazon KDP.

If you don’t obey or keep this rule, Amazon wili price match your book’s price when they find out. This implies if you sell your ebook at $2.99 on Amazon and sell it at $1.99 on Smashwords or Draft2digital, Amazon will change the price of your book to $1.99 without informing you.


Get your  books published worldwide

If you obey those simple rules from Amazon KDP, you can get your books published in Amazon KDP and Smashwords or Draft2digital at the same time successfully.

There are no rules preventing you from doing this on the part of Draft2digital.

So go ahead and let your ebook go wide or let your ebooks be published worldwide.

You can gain access to our bestselling ebook publishing resources to publish your ebooks on Amazon KDP successfully. 


Selling eBooks as online courses

Selling eBooks as online courses is one of the most profitable ventures for authors today. If you have been publishing and selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and other online stores, you may have to look at selling your ebooks as online courses.

I will be using this post to share our experiences with you so that you can get motivated and inspired to try this out. I will be using a future post to share the steps by steps process of turning your eBooks into online courses

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Selling eBooks as online courses: Our experience

We decided to start turning some of our books into online courses to sell online in our bid to diversify our earnings and to ensure Amazon does not remain the only platform we sell books.

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Other formats of ebooks

First, you should know your published ebooks can exist in many forms other than ebooks or paperback books.

Ebooks can be packaged as:

  • Videos
  • Online courses
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs etc.

So we are still talking about books when we talk about online courses.


Selling eBooks as online courses: Udemy

We started with the biggest platform for online courses online –

What a platform this has been for us. This is the Amazon for online courses online. We started about three years or so and we have drawn some passive income from this platform even without paid ads.

We can still push this up with ads though. It’s just that we don’t know the right place to advertise courses on Udemy. I am not a big fan of Facebook ads.

I have also received some emails from those who took our online courses on offering ads services. We have not used any of them.


What Udemy gives you

The truth is that Udemy gives extra promotions to the courses on its platform. Though, if you sell any course through their self-sponsored ads, you will receive a lower royalty.

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Selling eBooks as online courses: 10 published courses

Selling eBooks as online courses

We now have about 10 online courses on this platform. We have lots of enrolled students and reviews on our online courses at Udemy.

The good news is that Udemy now pays by Payoneer. It used to be by PayPal alone. So you have another payment option to consider.


Other Udemy alternatives

There are other Udemy alternatives to sell online courses online but a lot are not reliable. We tried some of them but our experience with some is not too good at all. for example was a bad experience. You should watch out for that. The CEO, Vivien Puri is deceitful.

We canceled our account and up till today, Learndesk has failed to pay our royalties. When we applied for the cancelation of our account, we were told that our royalties will be paid after one year!

We waited and it’s over one and a half years now, Puri and Learndesk have stopped responding to our emails. Please avoid Learndesk as much as possible.

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How to create an online course

I know the question on your mind now is how do I create an online course and how do I publish it on Udemy?

Really we have not done an ebook or an online course on this but we hope to do it very very soon. We will even do a post on it.

You can visit our profile link on Udemy

10 places to publish your eBooks online

Looking for places to publish your ebooks online? Don’t look any further, this post will help you. This post shows online stores to self publish ebooks online.

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What does it mean to publish your ebooks online

Publishing your ebooks online is all about using the internet to publish and sell your eBooks.

With the popularity and the extensive growth of internet technology over the years, authors now have a wide variety of choices to publish and sell their ebooks online.


Publishing ebooks on Amazon

Publishing ebooks on Amazon was almost the only option for authors at the developmental stages of the internet. The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) was the only option when Jeff Bezos and Amazon started the golden idea of publishing and selling ebooks online.

Though Amazon KDP still controls over 70% of the ebook publishing industry today there are now very reliable platforms to publish and sell ebooks online.

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10 places to publish ebooks online

The following are the 10 places to publish ebooks online:


Amazon KDP

Of course, we should start with the leader, Amazon KDP. Jeff Bezos and Amazon have been able to provide an exciting platform to publish and sell ebooks for authors worldwide.

It’s so easy to publish your ebook using the KDP platform. Your ebook will be published and will be on sale online within 24 to 72 hours.

When everything is done right, your book should be approved for publication after you uploaded it within 24 hours.

To publish your ebook on Amazon, you will need the following:

  • Your well-formatted book in Microsoft Word
  • Your well-designed ebook cover
  • Your book description
  • Seven keywords suggestions that rightly describe what your book is all about
  • You will be picking two categories where your ebook will reside on Amazon.

Find ebook guides and resources that can help you publish your ebooks on Amazon the right way to ensure their success 



Smashwords and Draft2digital used to be independent ebook publishing platforms. Today they are now one. Draft2digital recently acquired Smashwords.

You can read the details of the acquisition here 

Draft2digital and Smashwords do the same tasks before their merger. They are both ebook aggregators. They publish ebooks and also distribute the ebooks to many other stores.

Draft2digital has a very interesting publishing platform that allows authors to put in every important detail of ebooks during the publishing process.

Sometimes, a newbie author may find the platform a little bit cumbersome to use but with time may get better and master the use of the platform.

You are expected to submit almost the same information as we have under the section on Amazon above.

You can start publishing your ebook on Draft2digital immediately here

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Payhip is another place to publish ebooks online. This is one of the new entrants into the ebook publishing industry.

You will love the Payhip platform so well. It’s so super easy to set up your book on it for sale. A toddler can do this with his eyes closed.

Payhip gives you everything on their platform that will help publish your ebooks and also set them up for sale in minutes.

Publish your ebook on Payhip here 



Well, gumroad is just like Payhip.

Our experience is the same here. Gumroad also pays with PayPal. You can sell online courses apart from eBooks on Gumroad just like Payhip.

In terms of sales, we have not made any sales to date on this platform but we observed some authors and publishers have done so.

For Payhip and gumroad, we have started putting the links to our books directly on some of our top-performing blog pages to make sales.

This is the reason why it’s great if authors have their blogs and invest in making the blogs rank higher on Google searches.

Google gives us lots of traffic on our existing blogs these days. We hope to exploit these to sell our books on Payhip and gumroad by God’s grace.

Related: Talking about authors who have blogs, you can learn On-Page SEO Strategies the way we do it which is by making our blogs rank high on Google search with many keywords and keyphrases in our online course, On-Page SEO Strategies for WordPress bloggers.

If you’re interested, register for the On-Page SEO Strategies course now.

If you would like to sell your ebooks on Gumroad, please start here.



This is our very own Nigerian online bookstore. Though this is presently built for local publishers in my country, we are making efforts to take it internationally soon.

Read more about NowNowBooks now. Read more about NowNowBooks now.


Street Lib

This is another platform to publish ebooks online. It’s built just like Smashwords and Draft2digital.

It’s also an ebook aggregator. They help to distribute your books to many partner ebooks stores and libraries online.

We have not exploited this platform. We hope to do so next year. We have only one book published on the platform so far.

Want to try out this platform, please visit here to start 



LeanPub is another ebook publishing platform online. It’s also free to publish your ebook on this online platform.

The only drawback, from our experience, on this platform, is that it can be difficult for a newbie to navigate this platform to publish their first ebook.

However, you can always find your way around after you are done with the first ebook.

You need to check out LeanPub to see other types of information products you can publish on the platform. Please visit the publishing platform now 


Publish Drive

Publish Drive is another ebook publishing website online. Publish Drive is different, in terms of operation, from the platforms listed above.

Publish Drive allows authors to publish one book on their platforms for wide distribution. If you want to publish more books, you will have to pay for them.

I like the organized way, Publish Drive goes about its operation especially in the area of bringing up more platforms and also giving authors more  ways to market their books.

Another unique thing about Publish Drive is that it allows you to share royalty with others if you are co-authoring a book with other authors. Publish Drive handles all the processes in this case.

Do you want to publish your books in Publish Drive, please do so here



How to register for Payoneer

If you want to know how to register for Payoneer, this post is of great usefulness to you. Payoneer is one of the Amazon KDP payment options for Authors on the platform.

Watch this video on what to do next after you get reviews in Amazon. Watch it now.


What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is quick and secure international payments platform. At Payoneer, you have got everything you need to pay and get paid by international marketplaces and direct clients on one secure platform.


How to register for Payoneer (a step-by-step guide)

Click here to get started

Click ‘Sign Up and Earn $25’. See picture below.


How to register for Payoneer



Select an option below when you click Sign up.


Alternative payment option to Paypal


I selected ‘ Individual’ Note you should Select any option that suits you. Their system will guide you right. So select ‘Individual’ and let us continue.

On the next page from the picture above, I chose ‘Get paid by international clients or marketplaces’

You can also pick any option here. At the end of the day, you will still be able to use your account for the other options.

I chose the option above becau I want to use Payoneer to receive ebook royalties from Amazon.

How to receive ebook royalties from Amazon KDP


Now from the picture above, Payoneer picked Freelancer, agency or service provider as a good account type for me.

Just as I said earlier, you can just go ahead to xlik ‘Register’ and continue with registeration.


In the next page (see the picture above), You are to enter the details in the form. I want you to note the following at this stage:

  • Use first and last names as they appear in any government issued Id card you want to use.
  • You will be using your government Id to verify your account later.
  • Use email address that is active. That’s the one you check regularly
  • Enter the code as shown in the form and then click ‘Next’.


On the next page shown above above, you will be entering your address. I advice you should enter address as it is shown in the government issued Id card you will be using to verify your account.

Enter your Mobil phone number. They will send a code to this number. So enter a phone number that can receive messages.

Where you have city code/postal code, enter, 234000 (that is if you are located in Nigeria. If you are not you should search for your country’s postal code online).


Then click ‘ Send Code’ to receive a verification code from Payoneer. You will receive this code by SMS. When you receive it, you should enter this code into the box where you have verification code. See picture above.

You can them go ahead to carry out further simple steps to complete your Payoneer account registeration and login to your account.

Thank you going through this tutorial.

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How to sell ebooks on Payhip

You can sell ebooks on Payhip. This short post will show you how to sell digital products on Payhip.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is not the sole platform where you can sell ebooks. There are many other Amazon KDP alternatives online today and this is the reason a whole category on this blog is dedicated to this purpose.

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What is Payhip?

Payhip is a very simple and free online platform where you sell ebooks or digital products with the same ease as you have on Amazon KDP.

Authors can sell any type of digital product to readers directly on their website. This process allows authors to earn more from their book sales compared to the Amazon KDP platform.


Is Payhip better than Amazon KDP?

Depending on the situation an author finds himself or herself in, a categorical statement cannot be made on whether Payhip is better than Amazon KDP.

There are so many factors to consider before we can conclude. A future post will try to analyze these factors and try to conclude.

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How to sell ebooks on Payhip: Step-by-step guide

To sell ebooks on Payhip, these are steps you must follow:

Create an account to sell ebooks on Payhip

You need to create an account. This is a very simple step. It’s just the same thing you do to set up an account on stores like Amazon.

Set up products and prices on Payhip

You need to set up your “products” and prices after you have registered an account with Payhip. Payhip made this process very easy that even a toddler will be able to get it done.

When I set up my first product on Payhip, I was surprised at how fast the process was. It took me a few minutes to get this done. You can do it too.

Connect Payhip to Paypal

To receive payment from Payhip for your ebook sales, you must connect Payhip to either your PayPal or Stripe accounts.

Note: You must ensure you check the “Product is an ebook” box in the Advanced Settings section. This way, Payhip will automatically sort out ebook VAT based on the customer’s location.

Setting up your product on Payhip

Once this is done, Payhip automatically generates some nice-looking direct sales pages for your books.


Sell ebooks on Payhip: How much do you earn?

Upon purchase of your ebook on Payhip, you’ll earn 100% of the list price, less Payhip’s transaction fee (5% on the free plan), and Stripe/Paypal payment processing fees (usually around 3%).

This implies that, potentially, you will be able to earn around 92% royalties from each ebook sale.

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Email capture of customers

You’ll be able to capture each customer’s email address so you can add them to your mailing list if you run a newsletter. Payhip beats Amazon KDP hands down in this area.

You don’t have such privilege with Amazon KDP.  That’s a cool feature for Payhip!


Sell ebooks on Payhip: Any drawback?

A potential drawback to selling ebooks on Payhip compared to Amazon KDP is that you can’t sell print books through Payhip, as it’s only designed for digital products.

I believe that shouldn’t be a major problem. you because you can always use Amazon KDP print to publish and sell your print books.

Another drawback is getting traffic to your products pages on Payhip. You have to find the traffic. Unlike Amazon which has all the traffic already.

I hope you will give Payhip a trial. It provides a convenient way to make more selling your ebooks directly from your website. Start your registration here 

I want to read your comment and please share this post with your friends on social media.


Our ebooks on Payhip

Check out some of our ebooks on sale on Payhip.



Draft2digital closes accounts of Smashwords authors

You read that right! Draft2digital closes accounts of Smashwords authors. I and my team got a ridiculous email from Draft2digital that our Smashwords account has been closed!


Smashwords Draft2digital merger update

Well, in case you want to know what this is all about. Read this post to learn about the merger between Smashwords and Draft2digital that happened some months ago.

In that post, we gave you an update about the merger between these two publishing giants. We thought this business merger would help more authors to gain visibility and find their publishing voices. We never thought it would work against some authors in some regions of our world.

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Email communication Smashwords and Draft2digital staff

The following email communication happened between our team and the staff of Draft2digital and Smashwords after we received that ridiculous email from them closing our Smashwords account without giving us any notice whatsoever!

First email reply from us

We sent the first email reply to a Draft2digital support email. Please read it below:


Thank you for your email. But I want to believe I received this in error.

In my Smashwords account, I submitted tax information as when due.

I have also received payments by PayPal for many years now.

If there are any other requirements, I am ready to provide them.

I want you to look at this and let me know what you think.

Thank you



Second email reply from us

We sent the second email reply to a Smashwords support email. Read it below:


I received an email from D2D that my account has been closed because of US laws.

I was shocked to read this. I joined Smashwords in 2013 and I am surprised to know now that I can’t do business with a US company.

I want to believe Mark Coker does not know about this.

I am also surprised that I was not given any notice whatsoever before the closure of the account. That is purely unjust to an author who has created income for Smashwords for nine good years. It’s so bad to treat an author this way.

More annoying is the fact that I can’t login to my account to pick up my book files. This is unprofessional and very bad.

How do I monitor the sales that will come from my book sales in the next few days, weeks, and months? D2D will not cut out my share for me? That’s ridiculous.

I want to pick up my files in my account. I hope D2D will allow me to do that so that I can publish them in other places.

I hope to read from you so that I can understand the way to pick up my book files.

Email response we got

Hi Sesan,

Thanks for writing in. Effective March 1st, 2022, Smashwords, Inc. merged with Draft2Digital, LLC, and we will be moving our payment platform to the Draft2Digital, LLC payment system and following their Terms of Service. Unfortunately, per the new Terms of Service, we will no longer be able to provide services to residents of Nigeria at this time, and your account will be closed effective immediately. Going forward, we will continue to explore options to pay authors in Nigeria that meet United States tax and bank regulatory rules and guidelines.

If you have a balance on your account, you will be contacted directly by way of the email address on this account to choose a payment option to receive your final royalties. Please allow 3 – 6 months for us to move to the new payment platform.


Draft2digital closes accounts of Smashwords Authors: What we think

Smashwords Draft2digital merger

Draft2digital demonstrated very clearly that they are not ready to toe the line of the vision Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, followed for many years to help all authors irrespective of where they hail from to gain visibility.

It was a passion for Mark Coker. But it’s so sad to read from Draft2digital that they have terms of service that do not make Nigerians or Africans do business with a US company – that’s completely ridiculous in this present world!

Amazon and Google and Facebook do business with Nigerians. Payoneer is a very popular platform today and it is available to Nigerians and almost everyone on the globe.


Disruption of our distribution services

As Draft2digital closes accounts of Smashwords Authors, they have disrupted our distribution services without giving us any notice whatsoever. That’s so bad for authors who have created income for Smashwords for many years.


As Draft2digital closes accounts of Smashwords Authors: Advice to authors in this region

If your account has been closed by Draft2digital, don’t despair. We will surely find you a better option here. Stay tuned to this blog.

Thank you for reading. Let me read your comment. Share this ridiculous news on social media with your friends.


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