Selling eBooks as online courses

Selling eBooks as online courses is one of the most profitable ventures for authors today. If you have been publishing and selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and other online stores, you may have to look at selling your ebooks as online courses.

I will be using this post to share our experiences with you so that you can get motivated and inspired to try this out. I will be using a future post to share the steps by steps process of turning your eBooks into online courses

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Selling eBooks as online courses: Our experience

We decided to start turning some of our books into online courses to sell online in our bid to diversify our earnings and to ensure Amazon does not remain the only platform we sell books.

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Other formats of ebooks

First, you should know your published ebooks can exist in many forms other than ebooks or paperback books.

Ebooks can be packaged as:

  • Videos
  • Online courses
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs etc.

So we are still talking about books when we talk about online courses.


Selling eBooks as online courses: Udemy

We started with the biggest platform for online courses online –

What a platform this has been for us. This is the Amazon for online courses online. We started about three years or so and we have drawn some passive income from this platform even without paid ads.

We can still push this up with ads though. It’s just that we don’t know the right place to advertise courses on Udemy. I am not a big fan of Facebook ads.

I have also received some emails from those who took our online courses on offering ads services. We have not used any of them.


What Udemy gives you

The truth is that Udemy gives extra promotions to the courses on its platform. Though, if you sell any course through their self-sponsored ads, you will receive a lower royalty.

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Selling eBooks as online courses: 10 published courses

Selling eBooks as online courses

We now have about 10 online courses on this platform. We have lots of enrolled students and reviews on our online courses at Udemy.

The good news is that Udemy now pays by Payoneer. It used to be by PayPal alone. So you have another payment option to consider.


Other Udemy alternatives

There are other Udemy alternatives to sell online courses online but a lot are not reliable. We tried some of them but our experience with some is not too good at all. for example was a bad experience. You should watch out for that. The CEO, Vivien Puri is deceitful.

We canceled our account and up till today, Learndesk has failed to pay our royalties. When we applied for the cancelation of our account, we were told that our royalties will be paid after one year!

We waited and it’s over one and a half years now, Puri and Learndesk have stopped responding to our emails. Please avoid Learndesk as much as possible.

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How to create an online course

I know the question on your mind now is how do I create an online course and how do I publish it on Udemy?

Really we have not done an ebook or an online course on this but we hope to do it very very soon. We will even do a post on it.

You can visit our profile link on Udemy

How to develop your career as an author (online course)

If you are an author, you can learn the basic and the core methods of how to develop your career as an author in this interesting online course.

You can learn the ropes here. The facilitator did a great job in this free online course on publishing.

How to develop your career as an author: Know more about the industry

This online course will help you to learn the ropes of the book industry in an informative and conversational setting.

Despite the disruptions and magnificent changes in the industry over the years, the core concepts taught in this free online course on publishing are still relevant and extremely useful to every author or publisher.

Description of the course on how to develop your career as an author

The how to develop your career as an author online course was actually created in the year 2015. According to creator of the course, “…so a few things have changed since then ( the publication of the course), i.e. the Big 6 is now the Big 5, NA Alley (like the popularity of NA itself) went the way of the dodo, ads are a bigger deal than they were a few years ago, etc. But don’t worry. The core concepts hold up!

This is the uniqueness of this online course – the basic concepts taught still hold waters today.

More information and performance of this online course

The following is how this course on how to develop your career as an author has fared since it was published:

  • The course presently has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 with a total of 50 ratings
  • There  are 4,594 students
  • There are 58min of on-demand video (you can go through this at a single sitting)
  • The course creator is  Carrie Butler

Enroll for this free online course today

This is a free online course. You can alwsy preview the course to see how good it is. You don’t have anything to lose but lots of great information on how to develop your career as an author.

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