How do you choose a book title to sell on Amazon?

How do you choose a book title to sell on Amazon? Authors and publishers ask this question more often. The truth is that many factors must be considered to choose a book title to sell on Amazon or an ebook topic you must work on to sell on Amazon.

I am using this post to show one of the factors you must consider if you want to choose a good book title to sell on Amazon.


How to choose a book title to sell on Amazon

Choosing a book title to sell on Amazon requires as much attention from authors just like the writing of their books itself. I hope authors can understand this.

It’s not going to be a good one if you write a book, publish it on Amazon, and don’t find anyone reading or buying it. Finding the right book project to work on in the first place is as important as writing or producing the book itself.


The publisher status

This blog is dedicated to helping authors write, publish and sell more ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. So we find a way to tell you some of the little things that matter that can help you in this regard.

I wrote a good post on why authors should change to a publisher status to sell more ebooks on Amazon. I will still be leaning upon the knowledge from that post to show you another important factor today.

Now, let me show you exactly what you have to do below


Give the market what it wants

How do you give the market what it wants? Let me do this simple illustration.

Two guys decided to pay a visit to kids in a kindergarten class on different occasions. The first got to the class empty-handed while the second guy had a pack of chocolate with him.

You can guess what the reaction of these kids will be to the presence of these two guys. Of course, they will rush and embrace the guy with the chocolate. That guy had what they loved and wanted – chocolate.

When you operate at the publisher level or with the publisher status, you will always want to give the market what it wanted. You want to always take your research lens into the different niches to find out what the market in those niches wanted.

In other words, you want to give out the ‘chocolates’ to the people in that niche always. This lays the solid foundation for the book or publisher business.

As a publisher, you produce books because you want to sell or make profits, so you give the market what it wants.

In s future post, I will walk you through the simple ways we carry out our research and how we feed the markets with relevant books consistently.

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How do you choose a book title to sell:Evergreen topics

You can always use your research lens to find hot topics and published books on them. You should also take it a step further sometimes by writing and publishing books on evergreen topics.

Evergreen topics are topics that have been hot and will always be hot for a long time. You should look out for these types of topics so that you can sell books and make profits on them for many years.

Good examples of these types of topics are topics on:

  • Weight loss
  • Stopping stress
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Make Money
  • Reducing or eliminating debt
  • Starting a business with no money

Your digital portfolio should have a good book or books on some of these topics to have them deliver the sales and the profits to you regularly for a long time.


Choose a good book topic on Amazon: what about published books?

Just before I write the final lines in this post, someone once asked me if there is anything he can do about the books he had published already on Amazon without carrying out the proper research.

This is always my simple answer to that question.

Usually, most authors write in their areas of specialization. So most of the titles they have published have solved one problem or the other.

It’s just that proper research was not carried out before they embarked on the book project. But that doesn’t mean the books did not solve any problems. It doesn’t mean the market does not need them.

However, proper research would have helped them to write a better book. It would have helped them to use the right Keywords in the titles and subtitles and the description of the books.

So if you want to help your old, published books on Amazon, take the time to carry out proper research work using a main keyword that represents the already published book.

If you have to add some content to your book or change the title, you may have to do these to serve the market well and also to help the discoverability of the book on Amazon.

I will do a more detailed analysis in a future post. You can’t do well on Amazon these days selling ebooks if you don’t learn to give the market what it wants.

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