Christmas bonanza sales for Authors

This Christmas bonanza sales for Authors and publishers has been approved by the management of Zarepath Publishing. You should take advantage of this sales bonanza for the year to get our bestselling ebooks and online courses at very cheap prices.


More information about our Christmas bonanza sales for Authors

Our Christmas bonanza sales for Authors and publishers and anyone is meant to achieve the following purposes:

  • To say a happy Christmas to you and a prosperous new year in advance
  • To reward you for being a dedicated and loyal partner of our great organization for the year
  • To allow you to gain access to some of our bestselling products over the years at very cheap prices
  • To allow you to prepare yourself for the New Year by reading or studying the right information products


How to gain access to these products at cheaper prices

You can find these products at

Publishing resources 

Our online courses 

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But you don’t have to buy directly from the stores online at those high prices.

You can send a WhatsApp message to us 08034300979 or contact us at  to ask for the Amazon link or how to buy your copy directly from us to gain access to them at a cheaper price to what we have on the online stores at Amazon and Udemy.

When we receive your buy request, we will create a 50% discount coupon for you so that you can gain access at cheaper prices to the ones in the online stores.

Ebooks in the Christmas bonanza sales for Authors

  • How I publish books on Amazon
  • How I Sell Ebooks on Amazon
  • How to Write SEO Articles
  • How I Make Passive Income from Self-publishing
  • Online Publishing tools for Authors
  • Billion dollars freebies strategies (how big companies use freebies to build multimillion dollars organizations
  • Biblical Angle to Think and Grow Rich
  • You can stop masturbation and addiction by reading a simple story
  • How to break an addiction
  • Wealth Codes (an epic Christian novel on money, finances, and wealth creation
  • How to stop teenage addiction problem
  • Is tithing a godly practice
  • How to react to dreams
  • How I overcame violent anger
  • How to maintain focus and concentration
  • Doctrines of Demons
  • 33 Effective Christian strategies to grow your business
  • The Prostitute: A Christian romance novel of love, furry and extreme jealousy
  • Thorns Inside the Rose
    A Christian romance novel of evil inside love
  • How to Find a Godly Spouse
  • How to stop sex sins


Online Courses in the Christmas bonanza sales for Authors

  • How I sell ebooks on Amazon
  • The Miraculous Faith (how to walk more by faith)
  • On-Page SEO Strategies for WordPress bloggers
  • How to overcome Fear Spiritually
  • Anger Management Strategies


Membership websites

  • Exclusive Premium WordPress plugins and themes (over 500 plugins and themes in this pack)

Note that this is a Christmas clearance sales bonanza. You can gain access to these products at these ridiculous prices between now and 25th December 2022.

To gain access to any product, please send a message to our WhatsApp hotline at 08034300979. Or send an email to

Happy Christmas to you and a prosperous New Year in advance.


Zarepath Publishing/NowNowBooks

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