Free book promotion on Amazon KDP

Why must you do free book promotion on Amazon KDP? This post will show you three reasons why you should price your book at free on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

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What is free book promotion on Amazon KDP?

Free book promotion on Amazon KDP is all about pricing your published book at $0 on Amazon KDP.

I believe that will sound crazy to some authors especially, newbies authors, but I am letting you know that Publishing and pricing some of your books at free on Amazon is one of the best marketing decisions or practices you can take as you make effort to sell more ebooks on Amazon.

I have engaged in this practice of free book promotion on Amazon KDP for many years and most of the organic ebook sales I have on Amazon today is as a result of some of my ebooks that are free.

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How to publish an ebook free on Amazon KDP

Publishing your ebook free on Amazon KDP is not a straightforward thing as Amazon does not allow books to be priced at free during the Publishing process.

So what do you have to do to list your book free on Amazon KDP?

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Why you should do free book promotion on Amazon KDP

The following are the reasons why you should do free book promotion on Amazon KDP:


You have a book series

You can run a free book promotion on Amazon KDP if you have a book series with 2 or more books.

You can decide to price the first book in the series at free to entice readers to read for free and to put the other books in the series in their faces.

I did that with my Christian romance book series. I priced the first, The Prostitute at free in order to sell the second book in the series, Thorns Inside the Rose.

I have lots of good reviews and downloads from the first free book. This has also given good promotion to the second book in the series.


You want more reviews and ratings

If you want more reviews and ratings for your books, you should consider doing a free book promotion on Amazon KDP. I mentioned earlier that my best selling Christian romance novel has gotten lots of downloads and good reviews and ratings so far.

This has really helped my others books in one way or the other. This is also the case with some of my other free ebooks on Amazon.


You are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited

Yes, if you publish and sell ebooks on Amazon, you need to have your books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle Select program. There are many benefits for authors and their books if they participate in the Kindle Select program on Amazon..

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When you enrol your book in Kindle Unlimited, it will be available at free for Amazon paid subscribers. At free, more readers can know about your book.

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Amazon KDP authors build audience on Amazon. Pricing books at free is one of the easiest and most effective ways they build audience for their published books on Amazon and their author brand.

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