How do I find the Url of a Kindle book?

How do I find the Url of a Kindle book

Many authors have asked us this question: How do I find the Url of a Kindle book? I am using this short post under the Tech Guide category on our website to describe a good answer to this question.


What is the Url of a Kindle book?

After you have published your knidle book on Amazon. That is after it has been approved for sale in the various Amazon stores worldwide, Amazon automatically creates a Url for your Kindle book.

Every published Kindle book has a unique Url that can be used to access it on the web.

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What can authors do with their Kindle book Url?

Authors Kindle can do the following with their Kindle book Url;

  • You can give out this web link or Url to anyone you are recommending your book to
  • You can put this Url if your Kindle book on your website
  • You can share your Kindle book Url with friends on social media


How do I find the Url of a Kindle book? Step-by-step picture guide

Now let’s look at the picture to answer the question, how do I find the Url of a Kindle book?

Login to your Kindle dashboard 

How do I find the Url of a Kindle book

Locate the book you want to find the Url. For example, from the picture above, let us assume I want to find the Url of my latest book on Amazon, Exciting tools and resources for authors and publishers.

Look to the right side of the book. See a closer picture below:

Can you see, ‘View on Amazon? You should also see the down-pointing arrowhead beside it. Click on this arrowhead and you will get the image below:

Can you see links to the US, UK, etc? Stores. Click on any of the links to get the Url for each store. For example, I clicked on ‘US’ and I was taken to the US store for my book’s page.

How to get website link of Kindle ebooks

You can then go to the browser to copy the Url of your Kindle book.

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