How do I sell a lot of ebooks on Amazon

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How do I sell a lot of ebooks on Amazon? I have heard authors ask this question on many occasions.

Selling a lot of ebooks on Amazon should naturally be the utmost ambition of any author. Authors want to make a regular income from the sales of their ebooks on Amazon that will pay the bills.

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How do I sell a lot of ebooks on Amazon: Many possible answers

There are many possible answers to the question, How do I sell a lot of ebooks on Amazon. There are one thousand and one ways or strategies to sell more ebooks on Amazon.

Many successful authors have written about the strategies that have worked for them. I have also written some on this blog and our local online bookstore

I will be discussing one of those strategies in this post. This method may appear as an indirect way of selling more books on Amazon. But if you take your time to learn and understand it, you will be setting your activities on Amazon on the right footing.

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How I started selling ebooks on Amazon

When I started publishing books on Amazon, I was doing so as an excited author who just wants to push the books in me out. I was just publishing my books based on the passion I had for writing, publishing, and also for the niche where I write for.

But as I discovered later when my books were not selling that I was doing the whole thing the wrong way. Yes, your passion as an author and for your niche is good but if you are not careful, you will not make money selling your books on Amazon or any of the stores online.

Sell more ebooks on Amazon: upgrade to the publisher status

Let me show what an uninitiated author will do with his or her books:

  • He would write a book, give it a title he loves and then go online to publish it on stores like Amazon.
  • An ignorant author will only stick to the niche that he understands and then continue to write a series of books in that niche.
  • This author does not want to write in any other niche because he is not an expert in those niches.

But this ignorant author will not get a lot of sales with this attitude and disposition. I found this out some years ago and it helped me to embrace the simple truth and fact below:

If you truly want to make consistent and good passive income from publishing and selling books on Amazon or other online stores, you must upgrade to the publisher status.

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Publisher and Author: Any difference?

What do I mean by this? I want you to find out below.

A publisher writes and publishes books not just in one niche but in several niches. Yes, you read that right. You must be a publisher and not just an author who writes in one niche or a niche that is not having lots of searches per month on Amazon or even on Google.

A publisher must push out books that will solve the problems of the people in any niche and any hot market. This is the way to go.

My publisher example

I run a publishing firm (Zarepath Publishing). I am an author and I am an expert in the Christian personal development sphere. I was writing lots of books and getting them published in this niche as an author in the past.

But when I upgraded, we began to carry out research in other niches and push out books in these niches. Now, these other books began to bring readers’ attention to my Christian personal development books.

Some of my bestselling books in other niches are:

We discovered, through our research that lots of people want to learn how to publish and sell books on Amazon, we took the profitable decision to push out two books in this niche.

Many years ago, we also discovered people want to know how to format their books effectively; we also pushed out a book on this topic.

We also found out that books on topics like how to stop stressful feelings are popular; we also published a book on this topic.

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How do you write a book on other niches?

Now I believe it’s likely you have these three questions in your mind right now:

  • How do I write a good book on a topic where I am not an expert
  • How do I find out these hot niches?
  • How do I get my book to sell well in these hot niches?
  • Does that mean I can’t make consistent passive income writing only in a niche where I am an expert?


You can write a book in other niches where you are not an expert by:

  • Outsourcing it or using Ghostwriters to produce one for you.
  • You can also take your time to do a study of this niche and the solution to the problem your book wants to solve


To find hot niches and to make your ebook sell in these other hot niches, I will be dedicating another pillar post on this blog to serve this purpose. Please watch out.

You can also check out the information below:

For the fourth question, you can make money in a niche where you are an expert, especially if:

  • That niche is hot
  • You are already a popular guy in that niche
  • You already have a large following
  • You have a good budget which you can use for paid ads.

A great advantage of upgrading to the publisher status

Apart from the fact that you will always take advantage of hot niches selling books for profits, you will also have the great advantage of including information about your other books in your niche in these other book guides.

Now they may not be related but you can never tell some readers may just get interested in one thing you said about these advertised books in those books and they will go ahead to check them out.

As I mentioned above, I have seen sales coming from my Christian personal development books on Amazon during a time our other books in other niches are selling well on Amazon.


Your passion or your business

You need to differentiate between your passion and your business. It’s good for you to want to change the world with your books by writing your passion but the truth is that your passion may not necessarily make you money!

At an author status, you write your passion only but at the publisher status, you write for business and profits.

How do I sell a lot of ebooks on Amazon: Summary

Please find below the summary of all I said about you upgrading to the publisher status to sell more ebooks on Amazon.

  • A publisher carries out research to find hot problem areas in any niche and packages a book for that niche by publishing it on Amazon or other stores online.
  • A publisher is not limited to one niche.
  • A publisher’s job is to sell good books that solve problems and make profits for his company. Simple!

I began to see significant profits from our ebooks on Amazon and other stores when I upgraded to the publisher status.

What do you think about the idea shared in this post, How do I sell a lot of ebooks on Amazon? Please let me read your comment. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media.

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