How many Amazon followers do you have?

How many Amazon followers do you have? I believe you want to know. This picture guide will show you how.

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What are Amazon followers?

Amazon followers are the number of people who are following you on Amazon. Some of these people, probably, have read one or more of your books or have previously visited one of your Amazon books pages.

Anyone following you definitely wants to read or know more about you. Amazon usually send information to them about a new book from you. This can always help you to have the first set of buyers for your new book.


Picture guide to find Amazon followers number

This step-by-step picture guide will help you to find your Amazon followers number in your Amazon Author Central dashboard. You need to know that you have to have an Amazon Author Central account before you can use this guide.

It’s free. If you already have an Amazon account, then you already have an Amazon Author Central account. You only need to set it up with the same login details.

Please read more about Amazon Author Central 

Now let’s go.

How many Amazon followers do you have? Picture guide

Visit Amazon Author Central

You should visit Amazon Author Central to begin.

Click on Reports/Marketing. See picture below

How do I find Amazon followers


If you’re being asked to use a desktop and you’re on mobile, do the pictures below:


Change to desktop by clicking the three vertical dots beside your browser. I am using Chrome browser.


In the next page, you should scroll to the bottom to find the Report tab. You should btind find your Amazon followers below that tab. See the picture below.

How many Amazon followers do you have?


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