How to post SEO compatible articles

Authors must learn to post SEO compatible articles on their author blogs. This post in this category of KDP College will help you to under some basic things about how to post articles the right way on your author blog.

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Why is it important to post SEO compatible articles

It’s important to post SEO compatible articles on your author’s blog because of the following reasons:

  • Google and other search engines love it
  • You need Google and other search engines
  •  engines in your author and book business
  • You need the free traffic coming from the search engines to sell more books
  • You need the free traffic coming from the search engines to increase newsletter subscribers and fan base
  • Your audience will love your blog for this because of the organization of contents on your blog
  • Search engines crawlers will find it easier to crawl your author’s website and blog

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Posting SEO Compatible articles on your blog

As I have mentioned above, there is a way you must write your articles and get them organized to command Google and other search engines’ attention.

Let us look at some of the ways you can write SEO compatible articles for your author’s blog and website:

1. Use keywords

Keywords are words that searchers will naturally enter into the Google search bar to search for what they want.

For example, if you are writing about the present national problem in Sri Lanka, a good keyword or keyphrase can be Sri Lanka or anything related to it. Let the keywords appear in the heading or title.

You have to find a way to frame this out. I always use the keywords as close to the left of the heading or title as possible.

2. Keywords should appear in the first paragraph of the post

You should also let the keywords or keyphrases appear very early at the beginning of the post. I always make it a habit to make them appear as the first line of statements in my posts.

You can use, with the Sri Lanka example, ‘This top news on the Sri Lanka situation’ or Something like that

3. Break your articles into sections using H2

Learn to break your articles into sections using the H2 or H3 formatting. Let the keywords or keyphrases appear in these sectional headings.

4. At least three H2 headings in your post

Ensure there are at least three headings in your post with H2. If you are using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and you are using a Table of contents plugin like ‘Table of Contents’ as I am using on this blog, you should set your plugin to automatically generate a Table of contents if it finds three and above sectional headings in your post.

If you have any post with less than three sectional headings with H2 or H3, the table of content will not be generated. Though you can set your plugin to allow generating one if it finds less than three sectional headings. The choice is yours but I feel the setting should be at three and above.

The table of contents helps Google to rank your post very well in the long run.

You should know now where you can find the H2 or H3 etc. See the image below:

How to write SEO compatible articles

Click on the ‘Paragraph tab to find the H2s, H3s, and so on.

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5. Linking to your old posts

You will now learn how to link to old posts in your new post. This is also important. For example, you can link to an old post on Abortion from the new post on Sri Lanka and you can also link from the post on Sri Lanka to the post on Abortion after you have published the new post.

This is how you link to old posts on your blog:

You write

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Highlight the statement, and read the post on the Abortion saga in the USA.

Then click on the hyperlink symbol (see image below). It’s number two on the second row of the tabs under the ‘Paragraph ‘ tab.

How to write SEO compatible articles


It will bring out a rectangular box on the words you highlighted. Search for the post by writing a keyword. It will bring you options, click on the right post and click the yes button to the right.

I want you to take your time to practice the tips above to write SEO compatible articles for your author’s blog and website.

Note: You can look at the articles on this blog to find more inspiration and to see what I have just taught in action. Thank you.

In a future post, I will write about other things you can do to write search engine-optimized posts for your blog and website.

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