How to predict your book sales on Amazon

It will be great if you learn how to predict your book sales on Amazon.

I believe you love that.

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How to predict your book sales on Amazon store

You have that book idea and just before you go ahead to execute it, you already know what the potential sales outcome of the book will be.

That will be great and I believe many authors will love that. It’s possible to find out the potential sales of your book before you publish it.

Do you know that…

Publishing companies know how to predict book sales

Many publishing companies employ this book idea validation tactic to develop an idea of what to expect in the book market, and also to decide on books and authors they can sign.


Dave Chesson lay out the book idea validation plan

Dave Chesson of KindlePreneur laid out the strategy to predict the potential book sales before publication.

He wrote on his blog:

“Imagine they have Book A and Book B. Using today’s article’s information, they can have a better predictability on which one will fare better in the market.”

He also added:

“Plus, this is an incredible process that self-published authors should use to help decide what to expect from Amazon sales.”

You can learn how to do this here:

Read more on the book idea validation plan 


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