How to publish your books on Babelcube

Do you want to learn how to publish your books on Babelcube? This post is just right for you.

You will learn how to publish your ebooks in foreign languages online and get them distributed to the major stores at no cost to you!

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What is Babelcube publishing?

Bebelcube publishing is all about getting your books published on Babelcube. You may want to ask, ‘What is the big deal about Babelcube?

Well:⁠-⁠D Babelcube came on the scene a few years ago linking authors, translators, and online stores together in an amazing relationship that will see Authors’ books being translated, published, distributed, and sold worldwide.

Fantastic opportunity for authors and publishers you will say. Yes, it’s an amazing opportunity and many authors have taken advantage of this great initiative to publish their books in many foreign languages. Yours truly inclusive.


Steps to publish your books on Babelcube

These are the steps for Babelcube publishing:

Your books are translated for free

Babelcube allows your book to be translated into different languages other than the English language free of charge!

Your book when uploaded to the platform can be translated into languages like French, Spanish, German, Greek, Italian, etc. Even books in other languages can be translated into the English language.

Translators will find you

When you register and your book is uploaded, translators, who have registered on Babelcube, can find your book and send a request to you to translate your book into a particular language. Babelcube will notify you by email.

You have a right to accept this request or reject it.

Search for translators yourself

You can also decide not to wait for a request from a translator. You can ask a translator in your language of choice to consider translating your book.

The translator has a right to accept or reject your request.

Sign an agreement

When you and a translator agree to go ahead with the translation project, both of you will be required to sign an agreement electronically.

Vet a sample

When this is done, the translator will begin work and produce a sample within some days (usually 10% of the work).

You will be notified when the sample is ready so that you can look at it and either approve or reject it. If you like the sample translation, you will accept it so that the translator can be notified to continue the translation of the remaining parts of the book.

You can also reject the sample if you don’t like it. This will automatically put a halt to the project.
If you accept it, a date is set for the full translation of the book.

Complete publishing

After the translator is done with the project, Babelcube will notify you to check, approve and finish the publishing on Babelcube.

To complete publishing, you will have to design a translated cover and put in all other details.

After your book is published, Babelcube begins the distribution to many stores including Amazon.

How Babelcube pays authors

Babelcube pays monthly when your earnings reach the minimum threshold of $10. If your earnings do not reach the minimum of $10 in a month, it will roll over to the following month.

Babelcube, the author and the translator shares the royalties in a determined ratio.

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More information about Babelcube publishing

Babelcube Publishing is a very good way to go wide with your books published in different languages free of charge!

You should understand that if your book is published successfully in one language, translators in other languages can still request to translate the same book.

So you can have your book published and distributed all over the world in different languages. That’s super cool!

Some of my books like The Prostitute novel are already published in many languages through Babelcube.

Publish your books on Babelcube

The sales from these books are also good over the years.

I took the time to explain this so that you can know all that is involved with Babelcube publishing and publishing your ebooks in different languages online.


Do you want us to help you publish your books on Babelcube?

If you want us to help publish your books on Babelcube, this is how we do it:

  • For a book, we go through the process to publish it on Babelcube and try to get a translator in one language to translate it. We monitor the process until it is published in that language. For the above first stage, we charge you (contact us for the price).
  • Now, if other translators request to get the book translated into another language, we go through the process again but this time we charge you (contact us for the price)
  • For each subsequent transaction, we charge the same amount above for the same book.
  • For another book or a fresh book, we start again with the first price above.

So that’s how we do Babelcube publishing in our organization at Zarepath Publishing.

Contact us to get your books published in foreign languages online and distributed worldwide.

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