How to register for Payoneer

How to register for Payoneer

If you want to know how to register for Payoneer, this post is of great usefulness to you. Payoneer is one of the Amazon KDP payment options for Authors on the platform.

Watch this video on what to do next after you get reviews in Amazon. Watch it now.


What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is quick and secure international payments platform. At Payoneer, you have got everything you need to pay and get paid by international marketplaces and direct clients on one secure platform.


How to register for Payoneer (a step-by-step guide)

Click here to get started

Click ‘Sign Up and Earn $25’. See picture below.


How to register for Payoneer



Select an option below when you click Sign up.


Alternative payment option to Paypal


I selected ‘ Individual’ Note you should Select any option that suits you. Their system will guide you right. So select ‘Individual’ and let us continue.

On the next page from the picture above, I chose ‘Get paid by international clients or marketplaces’

You can also pick any option here. At the end of the day, you will still be able to use your account for the other options.

I chose the option above becau I want to use Payoneer to receive ebook royalties from Amazon.

How to receive ebook royalties from Amazon KDP


Now from the picture above, Payoneer picked Freelancer, agency or service provider as a good account type for me.

Just as I said earlier, you can just go ahead to xlik ‘Register’ and continue with registeration.


In the next page (see the picture above), You are to enter the details in the form. I want you to note the following at this stage:

  • Use first and last names as they appear in any government issued Id card you want to use.
  • You will be using your government Id to verify your account later.
  • Use email address that is active. That’s the one you check regularly
  • Enter the code as shown in the form and then click ‘Next’.


On the next page shown above above, you will be entering your address. I advice you should enter address as it is shown in the government issued Id card you will be using to verify your account.

Enter your Mobil phone number. They will send a code to this number. So enter a phone number that can receive messages.

Where you have city code/postal code, enter, 234000 (that is if you are located in Nigeria. If you are not you should search for your country’s postal code online).


Then click ‘ Send Code’ to receive a verification code from Payoneer. You will receive this code by SMS. When you receive it, you should enter this code into the box where you have verification code. See picture above.

You can them go ahead to carry out further simple steps to complete your Payoneer account registeration and login to your account.

Thank you going through this tutorial.

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