How to write a novel

Do you want to know how to write a novel. Okay, you have been writing non fictions but you may also want to know how to write fictions.

I believe you should. You should be ready to give your readers and fans some other options to enjoy your quality. Leaning how to write a novel is one. Please enjoy this piece by Dave Chesson of the KindlePreneur blog.

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Writing a novel: My first experience

My first experience with writing a novel was an exciting one. I have always written Christian non fictions (Christian Personal Development books).

But after I read an interesting novel about the civil war in my country (can’t really remember the name of the novel now), I just rise to start writing my first Christian novel using the experience and noted I made from that novel.

Then, I completed my first Christian novel, Wealth Codes. Well, after this, I took further steps to write more.

Then, I wrote my bestselling Christian romance novel, The Prostitute. An interesting Christian fiction you need to read.


How to write a novel: How Dave Chesson sees it

Dave Chesson owns the KindlePreneur blog and we follow it so much at the KDP College.

I am giving you the opportunity to read how to write your first fiction in this interesting article on the KindlePreneur blog.

Please read the post now.


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