How to write good books in other niches

Do you want to learn how to write good books in other niches where you are not an expert? This post will be useful to you.

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What does it mean to write books in other niches?

To write books in other niches is about your ability to produce quality books on topics where you are not an expert. I have done that severally and the books have done very well.

Once in a while, you may just want to write a solution to a popular problem where you are not an expert for the following reasons:

  • The topic is hot
  • You want to make money from it
  • Do you want to contribute your quota to



How do you write books in other niches?

I have written severally in most of my books on self-publishing about the need for authors to carry out research in different niches to discover hot and evergreen niches they can work on as book projects.

But how do you produce great ebooks in these niches especially when you are not an expert in those areas? This section will show you the different ways you can do this.

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Outsourcing strategy

You can outsource every part of the publishing process. Yes, you can do this and it’s about the simplest way to produce good and quality ebooks in any niche of your choice.

It’s just that this strategy comes with a cost – you may have to pay for the services of professionals we call Ghostwriters or Freelancers.

Who are Ghostwriters?

Ghostwriters are writers for hire who are paid but receive none of the credit for the work produced. There are generally two parties involved in this professional business relationship:

Author: He or she hires the freelance writer to produce content for an agreed-upon fee. He or she takes credit for all the original work produced.

The Ghost: This professional is the writer who is generally paid in advance of completing the job, gets the money as a “work for hire” job, and assumes none of the credit for their ghostwriting work.

Do we use this strategy in our organization?

We don’t use the services of Ghostwriters or Freelancers in our organization because we also offer Ghostwriting services or freelancing services. Contact us if you want this service 

We have offered these services for many years now. So we are well qualified to produce good ebooks in any niche of our choice and get them published online.

So if you want these services from us, you can just reach out to us. We will deliver a great job for you.

Services rendered by Ghostwriters

The following are some of the services Ghost writers can render to you:

  • Ebook Writing services (whether fiction or nonfiction)
  • Ebook cover design or graphic services
  • Ebook publication services (Some can even help you to publish your ebooks or paperback books w Amazon or any other stores)
  • Ebook marketing services (some offer different levels of publicity and marketing services for authors)

How do you engage the services of Ghostwriters?

Over the years, Ghost Writing services have become popular online and there are lots of individuals and agencies that have gotten involved now. Though this is good it calls for caution.

A contract with the wrong person will go a long way to harm you and your business in many ways. The following are some of the processes you have to follow to hire good Ghostwriters and get a good service.

  • Identify the job you want to be done for you. You should ensure you have all the details.
  • Determine the time limit required to complete the job.
  • Take your search online for a credible professional to do the job for you.
  • Just before you take your search online or settle for any expert, you can ask for recommendations from a friend who has experience hiring professionals. If you can get one this way, it can save you a lot of disappointments from a Ghost writer who will do a bad job.

Use middle agents for Ghostwriting services

I advise you to use ‘middle agents’ online services to hire Ghostwriters for your jobs. This will, at least, ensure you get the best jobs done for you before you a professional. Please examples of these ‘middle agents’ below.

Examples of ‘middle agents’ online services

You can register at the following websites to hire professionals who have registered with them to do your jobs. These online services will act as middle agents between you and these professionals. They will not be paid until you are satisfied with the job.

NowNowBooks Writing Services



Note: You should do your due diligence before you commit to any of these services.

Note: The first link above is our website link. We are also represented on Reedsy. You can find out more information at


Artificial intelligence and ChatGpt

Apart from the outsourcing strategy and the use of Ghostwriting services discussed above, the new wave now is Artificial intelligence and ChatGpt.

This is just about machines doing all the writing for you. That sounds great but there is surely a negative side to this. Machines can’t write like humans except you are going to do a lot of editing on the produced works.

This is still new and lots of improvement is still going to come into place with this.

I will write more about this in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this. I want to read your comment on how you have written in other niches where you are not an expert.


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