JMSD Publishing launches new tutorial website

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JMSD Publishing is an online video tutorial website. The latest publishing news from this platform is the launch of a tutorial website platform for authors and publishers.


What is the new JMSD Publishing new tutorial website all about?

The JMSD Publishing tutorial website is a new online informational platform for aspiring indie authors and work-from-home video tutorial website entrepreneurs.

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More information about JMSD Publishing new project

The newly-launched platform will cover all the essentials that aspiring authors need in order to self-publish fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults.

Their goal is to empower aspiring authors to write and publish their books with as little difficulty as possible and to establish and maintain an online presence to engage with their readers and to generate more sales.

JMSD Publishing’s aim is to help would-be authors and author-entrepreneurs to capitalise on this all-time-high interest in self-publishing. However, with growing competition among new writers, JMSD Publishing believes that simply wanting to write a book is not enough.

Their new informational resources, online tutorials and how-to videos cover industry marketing and publishing essentials geared towards helping new writers publish their books as efficiently as possible.

These include instructions on how to publish books on the three largest book distribution platforms: Amazon, Draft2Digital, and IngramSpark, as well as other administration-related details. The assets are available internationally.

You can visit the JMSD website now

Please find more information about this press release here.

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