Paid ad for Amazon KDP books at Written Word Media

Running Amazon ads

How to set up paid ad for Amazon KDP books at Written Word Media. If you want to sell more ebooks on Amazon KDP, you will need to use paid ad at one point.

This post will show you how to use paid for your published books on Amazon KDP at Written Word Media 


What is Written Word Media?

Written Word Media an online ad management agency which specializes in running paid book adverts for authors and publishers. This online company has many ad packages for authors like freebooksy, bargainbooksy and more.

Authors have the opportunity to choose whichever ad package they want for their books putting into consideration the genre of their books and also the number of email subscribers they want to reach out to.


Setting up paid ad for Amazon KDP books

You can follow the steps below to set up paid ad for Amazon KDP books at Written Word Media:


Register a free membership account

Register a free membership account at Written Word Media. I live you to do that since it’s a very simple process. Now, let us go to the step.


Login to your dashboard

Login to your dashboard with your email address and password. I did that below:

Paid ad for Amazon KDP books

After you are logged in, go to the menu and select, ‘Books’

I did that below:

Running Amazon ads

I have previously uploaded some of my published books on Amazon. You can see them in the image above.

Now, let me inform you that you have to add or upload your published books on Amazon KDP immediately you register an account and logged into your account. This will make the process of setting up a book promotion easier.

Let me show you how to add or upload your first book as a new member.


Click on add book

I did that below. See the image below:

Sell more books on Amazon

As you can see from the image above, all you need to add your published book on Amazon is your Amazon book link. Just copy and paste into the box above.

Then, click ‘Ads book’

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Add description of your book

In the image shown below, you will need to add or enter the description of your book. Now, after you entered the Amazon link of your book and click add book, the system go online to extract and show some information about your published book on Amazon. Usually, the cover of the book on Amazon is displayed.


Finish adding your book

You can then click, ‘Add book’ to finish adding your book.


Set up your book promotion

Now, let’s set up a book promotion for your uploaded book.

Go to your uploaded book as I did below. Click on ‘Promote’


The next page shows the various ad packages available at Written Word Media.




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