Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing on Amazon

There are pros and cons of self-publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. I should know better because I have published over 30 ebooks on Amazon to date.

We have also recorded some good sales results on this platform over the years. You need to check out our About page to find more information about what we have done so far in terms of sales results, on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform.


Are there pros and cons of self-publishing on Amazon

As good as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is to authors and publishers in terms of helping them to get their books published and getting the words out in the international space, there are some disadvantages to self-publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) present to authors and publishers.

Amazon KDP is a wonderful book publishing platform. Jeff Bezos and his group gave the world a publishing platform that is easy to use and that accommodates any author no matter their status and nationality.

But I have come across authors who have vowed never to publish their books on Amazon. Well, these authors have the right to their beliefs and convictions.

They found out some things that were clearly against what they stand for as authors and as publishers so these motivated their decision to stay away from the platform.

What about you? What do you stand for.? Are you for self-publishing on Amazon or not? I believe the next section of this post will help you to take a firm and beneficial decision.


Pros and cons of self-publishing on Amazon KDP

Let us look at the pros of self-publishing on Amazon:

  • Amazon controls over 70% of the Publishing market. This will help to take your book to a wider audience
  • Amazon has online stores in many countries around the world. Self-publishing your ebook on the platform will automatically get your ebook published on these other platforms.
  • Amazon has different payment options for authors who publish and sell their books on their platform. They pay by direct deposit, by Check, through Payoneer, gift cards, etc.
  • Amazon has promotional programs for authors. These can go a long way to boost ebook sales. The Kindle Select program is one of these programs.
  • Amazon has a promotional contest for authors and their books. A good example is the PentoPublish contest.
  • Amazon KDP platform is easy-to-use. Any author at any level of experience can use the platform successfully.
  • Having your books published on Amazon gives authors bragging rights as authors. Every serious author should have his or her books on the Amazon KDP platform.

Now, let us look at the cons of self-publishing your ebook on Amazon.


Cons of self-publishing your ebook on Amazon

The following are the cons of self-publishing your ebook on Amazon:

  • Authors need to join the exclusive Kindle Select program to enjoy the benefits of the promotional and marketing program.
  • Sometimes, most ebooks published on Amazon don’t render well on reading devices. This is because Amazon does not really put strict rules in place for proper formatting of ebooks before they are published on their platforms.
  • Amazon does not distribute books to lots of other online stores and libraries available today. Publishing platforms like Draft2digital,  Smashwords, LuLu, etc. do that.

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