Publish your books in foreign languages

You can publish your books in foreign languages at zero cost. Please read this post carefully.

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It’s now Live on Udemy (Online Course). How to Publish Your Books in Foreign Languages.

At Zero Upfront Cost and Get them Distributed Worldwide

You Can Increase Your Author Income Drastically if you take the decision to take your Books Global If you have published and distributed your books all this while in English or in one single language, you now have the opportunity to have the book translated in about 11 other languages and distributed worldwide at No Cost to you!I believe that sounds impossible to you but it is true.

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This simple-to-use, step-by step online course will show you how to do it. Even if you have not used a keyboard before, you will be able to master the process without any sweat.

Translators will be able to work for you at no upfront cost to you. You will also have the opportunity to get your translated books distributed and marketed for you at no upfront cost.

I have over 15 of my books translated already. Each book has been translated from English to other languages like French, Spanish, German, Greek etc. You can also have your books translated from other languages to English.

This is an exciting opportunity you don’t want to miss. Your books can be published in different languages apart from one language.

I want you to enrol in this easy-to-use online course for authors today.

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