Requirements to upload a book on Amazon

This post will show you the requirements to upload a book on Amazon. This should help you to upload your books effectively on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

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Requirements to upload a book in Amazon: What you need to know

For most authors starting out, uploading a book to Amazon KDP can be a very tough process. And even for experienced authors, you still need to know one or two things..

For example, if Amazon detects many typos/errors in your manuscript, they may likely not approve it or let it publish,

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List of requirements to upload a book on Amazon

The following are the requirements to upload a book on Amazon. They are elements you must get ready before you start the publishing process.

  • Your title and subtitle
  • Your author name
  • Your book description
  • Your keywords and chosen BISAC categories
  • Your formatted ebook and print files
  • Your book cover
  • An ISBN number (if you choose to not use the one provided by Amazon)
  • Your price

This is not just relevant for ebooks, but for paperbacks, hardcovers, series pages, and Kindle Vella.

Follow the steps above effectively and your publishing process on Amazon should be a lot easier and faster,

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