New free author tools

These new free author tools have just been released by the KindlePreneur team. These author tools will definitely help authors in their Amazon KDP business.

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What are author tools?

Author tools are publishing or book marketing tools that help authors self publish their books appropriately and also help them market or sell their books.

The new free author tools from the KindlePreneur team (and the old tools) are designed to help authors who self-publish and sell their ebooks on Amazon. The KindlePreneur blog project is set up specifically for authors on Amazon KDP.


KindlePreneur announce new free author tools

I want you to check out below how KindlePreneur announced these new tools for authors on Amazon KDP in their newsletter.

As you might know, we have a lot of cool free tools on Kindlepreneur that we’ve developed over the years. Things like a QR Code generator, the Kindle Sales Calculator, formatting templates, and more.

Well, I’m happy to announce we’ve upgraded all of them.

I knew that we could do a lot better, so not only has our team been working hard on a complete redesign, but we’ve improved some, and even added more.

You can find them by hovering over “Apps” in the main navigation for Kindlepreneur, and selecting from the options.


Some of the new free tools include:

And here is a complete list of all the other free tools that now have a brand new redesign:


Please take your time to check out those tools and begin to use them.

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Audiobooks sales calculator: a free tool

Dave Chesson’s KindlePreneur has given authors the audiobooks sales calculator. This is part of the promise made to the readers of his blog to update some of the free author tools on their stable this year.

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What are audiobooks?

Audiobooks are simply audio versions of books or ebooks. The demand for audiobooks has risen astronomically in the past few years.

It’s believed the demand for audiobooks will continue to move upwards. Lots of people now prefer to use audiobooks instead of ebooks or even paperback books.


What are audiobooks sales calculator?

Audiobooks sales calculator are simply author tools to calculate the potential sales of an audiobook.

Amazon is not left out of the new audiobooks wave. Its sister company, ACX helps authors to get their audiobooks published and distributed worldwide.

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Audiobooks sales calculator: free Author tool by KindlePreneur

I want you to read more information about the press release on the audiobooks sales calculator by KindlePreneur.

Dave at KindlePreneur takes it up:

“I’ve added a new FREE tool that does the same for audiobooks.

This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time because the ranking for audiobooks on Amazon/Audible runs on a different system from ebooks and print books. That made audiobooks incompatible with my original book sales calculator.

All you have to do is find your best seller rank by visiting the Amazon page of any given audiobook, then going to the details section and selecting the top number you see under “Best Sellers Rank”.


Then you just pop that number into the Audiobook Sales Calculator and PRESTO! You have an estimated number of sales per day for that audiobook.

Check out the new tool here