Book formatting requirements for Amazon KDP

Book formatting requirements for Amazon KDP and some other online Publishing stores are ever-changing.

It’s important you are always on top of the game if you ever want to give your readers the best experience.

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Why must you format your books effectively?

The following are the reasons why you must format your books effectively:

  • To give readers a pleasant experience
  • To avoid the rejection of your uploaded book by Amazon
  • To publish a quality book
  • To avoid bad reviews
  • To avoid lots of refunds

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What are the formatting requirements for Amazon KDP?

The guys at KindlePreneur did a good job on this topic and I would love them to continue from here:

As always, the main goal with formatting should be this: create a pleasant reading experience for your reader.

Furthermore, it’s also a pain to get an email back from Amazon, letting you know your book was rejected on a technical issue of margins, file format, or something else.

So, it’s important to know what Amazon is doing and what other vendors require as well (because they often differ).

To that end, here are a few ever-changing areas that every author should be familiar with:

  1. Ebook files and book file types
  2. The best formatting software and how to use them (this one is particularly important)
  3. The nature of front and back matter in your book
  4. Print formatting: including margins, bleeds, headers, fonts, page numbers, and more
  5. Trim sizes and their uses

I want you to read the full post on the KindlePreneur blog 

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