New free author tools

These new free author tools have just been released by the KindlePreneur team. These author tools will definitely help authors in their Amazon KDP business.

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What are author tools?

Author tools are publishing or book marketing tools that help authors self publish their books appropriately and also help them market or sell their books.

The new free author tools from the KindlePreneur team (and the old tools) are designed to help authors who self-publish and sell their ebooks on Amazon. The KindlePreneur blog project is set up specifically for authors on Amazon KDP.


KindlePreneur announce new free author tools

I want you to check out below how KindlePreneur announced these new tools for authors on Amazon KDP in their newsletter.

As you might know, we have a lot of cool free tools on Kindlepreneur that we’ve developed over the years. Things like a QR Code generator, the Kindle Sales Calculator, formatting templates, and more.

Well, I’m happy to announce we’ve upgraded all of them.

I knew that we could do a lot better, so not only has our team been working hard on a complete redesign, but we’ve improved some, and even added more.

You can find them by hovering over “Apps” in the main navigation for Kindlepreneur, and selecting from the options.


Some of the new free tools include:

And here is a complete list of all the other free tools that now have a brand new redesign:


Please take your time to check out those tools and begin to use them.

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What is Amazon Attribution?

If you want to know what Amazon Attribution is and also know how to add that to your streams of income as an author or publisher, this post is just right for you.

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What is Amazon Attribution? A guide for authors

Amazon Attribution is available to all authors on Amazon with an active Amazon Advertising account. This is an interesting tool that works perfectly to ensure you gain more access to more sales on the Amazon store.

Authors can set up their Advertising account by clicking the “Marketing” tab of either their KDP dashboard or Amazon Author Central account.


How Amazon Attribution works

Amazon Attribution works in a simple way and anyone can get it done effectively.

The Amazon Attribution tool allows you to generate special, trackable product links that you can use in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

After some days, Amazon will show you all the traffic that visited these links. This is called the Details Pages Views. Amazon will also show you the following:

  • Resulting Orders
  • Sales value
  • KENP reads (for books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited).


How to access Amazon Attribution

You can access Amazon Attribution by logging into your Amazon Advertising account, you’ll find Amazon Attribution in the sidebar, under “Measurement & Reporting.”

Amazon Attribution is similar to Amazon Advertising in terms of the way they are structured when you consider the Campaigns and Ad groups tabs.

Each Campaign can have many Ad groups. Each Ad group corresponds to a trackable link.

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About Attribution links and Attribution campaign

Attribution links can only point to one product on the Amazon store but an Attribution campaign can contain several products — and will report on the sales of all the products included in the campaign.

If you’re selling ebook, paperback, and hardback formats of a book., You can include all three formats in an Amazon Attribution campaign,

However, the Attribution links you set up in your Ad groups can only point to only one of the formats (for example the paperback format).


Sales report in Amazon Attribution

If a customer clicks on that link and buys a different format, Amazon Attribution will report that sale only if you included that other format in your campaign.


It’s the same process for book series: if all your books in the series are included in an Attribution campaign, and a customer buys three of them, all three sales will be displayed in your Attribution dashboard. You should however understand that the sales must happen within 14 days of the link click.

I hope you loved this post on the Amazon Attribution program. It provides another exciting way to make money on Amazon.

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Amazon Kindle Select program: How we use it to promote our books

Amazon Kindle Select program is one of the many promotional programs authors enjoy when they publish their books on Amazon. In our organization, we have used this ebook marketing program effectively to promote our Kindle ebooks.

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What is the Amazon Kindle Select program?

Amazon Kindle Select program is one of the ebook marketing programs on Amazon where published authors on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) can enroll their books to enjoy exclusive extra promotional push from Amazon.

Authors can enroll their books in this program during the publication of their books on Amazon kDP. They can also do this after their book is already published.

This implies that old published books can be enrolled in the program at any time. Though, for any book to qualify to be enrolled in this program, it must not be available for sale as an ebook on any other online store as an ebook.

Therefore, if you intend to enroll your ebook in the Amazon Select program, you must, first of all, unpublish the ebook version on any other online stores like Apple, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble.

Now, this post is not really about explaining the details of the Amazon Kindle Select program. It’s about how we have used the program to give an extra push to our ebook-selling business on Amazon.

Let’s go to that now.

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How we use the Amazon Kindle Select program

We have used the Amazon Kindle Select program to boost the visibility of our ebooks on Amazon. The following will show you how we have done that over the years:

Enrolling all new ebooks

We always get our new ebooks published first on Amazon. While we publish the eBooks, we get them enrolled in the Kindle Select program. Since it’s a new ebook, it has not been published anywhere else so it’s qualify to be in the Kindle Select program.

Schedule first free days

After Amazon’s approval and the ebook comes live on Amazon, we schedule the first free days in the Kindle Select program.

In the Kindle Select program, Amazon allows authors to make their ebooks free for their paid subscription readers for a maximum of five days in a three-month cycle.

We always schedule the first three days out of the five allowed days.

Publicize on Facebook and others

We will then announce the free day periods in our newsletter dedicated to Amazon readers and also on Facebook groups where Kindle ebooks are given out free.

Publicize on book promotion websites

Book promotion websites are the latest methods of getting your ebook message across to new readers. Read more book promotion websites now

Sometimes, we also announce our Kindle Select program free days on book promotion websites. These websites have both free and paid versions.

Analyze the response

After the free days, we analyze the response of readers to our free ebook. Usually, we get some downloads on Amazon and this is reflected in your Amazon KDP Dashboard.

New readers and new KENP reads

Usually, some of these new readers go on to read this new ebook and this counts into our Kindle Edition Normalized Pages read (KENP). Amazon pays monthly for these reads depending on a lot of factors.

New readers and new reviews

The most important benefits of enrolling our ebooks on the Kindle Select program and getting new readers are the new reviews we get from these free readers and also the boost it gives to the new ebook on Amazon search.


Get your ebook enrolled today in the Kindle Select program

The Kindle Select program offers lots of great benefits for your ebooks sales on Amazon. You can always take your ebooks out of the program after the initial three months. You can also allow it to auto-renew.

We usually take out some ebooks from the program to publish them on other online stores. But we always have ebooks available in the Kindle Select program.

I hope you enjoyed this. How have you used the Kindle Select program to sell more ebooks on Amazon?

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What is Amazon sales rank?

What is Amazon sales rank? Amazon sales rank is important to you, Amazon, and the potential readers who want to buy your books on Amazon. Why are Amazon sales rank important to you? You will find out some of these reasons in this post.

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What is Amazon’s sales rank? A definition

Amazon sales rank is a number that represents your book’s popularity in a main category or sub-category. On Amazon, each product on Amazon has a ranking for its sub-categories, but not every product receives a ranking for its main category.

For each book or item or product, Amazon uses this number to show how it’s selling compared to other books in the same category. The lower the number or the Amazon sales rank, the better it is selling on Amazon compared to other books in the same categories.

For my book, How to Publish Books on Amazon, the snapshot in the image below shows its sales rank. This is far less and better than some of my other books.



What is Amazon sales rank


This picture guide on how to publish ebooks on Amazon is presently my best-selling book on Amazon.

It shows the book is doing very well in terms of sales compared to other books in its categories on Amazon.


Why are Amazon sales rank important?

The Amazon sales rank is important for the following reasons:

  • Authors can find out how their books are doing in terms of sales on Amazon
  • Amazon customers use this sales analytic number to see how popular a book is compared to others
  • It helps visitors to the Amazon store to make a buying decision
  • It is also useful when authors try to place book marketing ads on some popular book marketing websites like Bookbub. Some of these book promotional websites will not promote your book to their audience if the sales rank has a big number.
  • Translators on Babelcube find the Amazon sales rank useful when it’s time to choose the book to translate.

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How can authors improve their books Amazon sales rank

Authors can improve their books’ Amazon sales rank by simply ensuring that their published books are well promoted. That’s the basic things you have to do to get a better sales rank.

It’s a sales rank so it improves only when your book is selling well and selling consistently compared to other books in the category. Agreed, there are other factors but selling more books is about the most important factor for improving the Amazon sales rank of your book.

My book, How I sell ebooks on Amazon, will be a great guide for you if you want to sell more books on Amazon. How I make passive income writing and publishing books.

Get down to work and give your books’ Amazon sales rank a boost. Increase your book marketing drive to sell more ebooks on Amazon.