What is Amazon sales rank?

What is Amazon sales rank

What is Amazon sales rank? Amazon sales rank is important to you, Amazon, and the potential readers who want to buy your books on Amazon. Why are Amazon sales rank important to you? You will find out some of these reasons in this post.

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What is Amazon’s sales rank? A definition

Amazon sales rank is a number that represents your book’s popularity in a main category or sub-category. On Amazon, each product on Amazon has a ranking for its sub-categories, but not every product receives a ranking for its main category.

For each book or item or product, Amazon uses this number to show how it’s selling compared to other books in the same category. The lower the number or the Amazon sales rank, the better it is selling on Amazon compared to other books in the same categories.

For my book, How to Publish Books on Amazon, the snapshot in the image below shows its sales rank. This is far less and better than some of my other books.



What is Amazon sales rank


This picture guide on how to publish ebooks on Amazon is presently my best-selling book on Amazon.

It shows the book is doing very well in terms of sales compared to other books in its categories on Amazon.


Why are Amazon sales rank important?

The Amazon sales rank is important for the following reasons:

  • Authors can find out how their books are doing in terms of sales on Amazon
  • Amazon customers use this sales analytic number to see how popular a book is compared to others
  • It helps visitors to the Amazon store to make a buying decision
  • It is also useful when authors try to place book marketing ads on some popular book marketing websites like Bookbub. Some of these book promotional websites will not promote your book to their audience if the sales rank has a big number.
  • Translators on Babelcube find the Amazon sales rank useful when it’s time to choose the book to translate.

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How can authors improve their books Amazon sales rank

Authors can improve their books’ Amazon sales rank by simply ensuring that their published books are well promoted. That’s the basic things you have to do to get a better sales rank.

It’s a sales rank so it improves only when your book is selling well and selling consistently compared to other books in the category. Agreed, there are other factors but selling more books is about the most important factor for improving the Amazon sales rank of your book.

My book, How I sell ebooks on Amazon, will be a great guide for you if you want to sell more books on Amazon. How I make passive income writing and publishing books.

Get down to work and give your books’ Amazon sales rank a boost. Increase your book marketing drive to sell more ebooks on Amazon.


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