What is Kindle Comic Creator? Definitive guide

Kindle Comic Creator is very useful publishing tool for authors and publishers who write and publish comics and graphic novels. They will be able to turn their manuscript into Kindle books with Kindle Comic Creators publishing from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

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What is Kindle Comic Creator: A definition

Kindle Comic Creator

Kindle Comic Creator is a free tool for publishers and authors who would like a simple -to-use tool to turn their comics manuscripts, graphic novels manuscripts, and manga into Kindle books.

This publishing tool from Amazon allows the following:

  • It makes it easy to import the original artwork of authors and publishers
  • It optimizes the reading experience of users
  • It previews how authors’ books will look on Kindle devices

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What file format does Kindle Comic Creator accept?

Kindle authors have the freedom to use any of their favorite design tools to create their book artwork because Kindle Comic Creator accepts different file formats.

Kindle Comic Creator accepts the following file types:

  • PDF
  • PPM,
  • PNG


What Operating System does Kindle Comic Creator use?

This publishing tool from Amazon is available for Windows and Mac OS X.


How to download the latest Kindle Comic Creator

Kindle Comic Creator is a very useful publishing tool for Kindle authors especially those who publish the types of books mentioned above. If this publishing tool is what you need, please find the download instruction below.

Download the latest version here 

Please let me read your comment and experience if you have been using this Publishing tool to publish your Kindle books on Amazon.

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