What is Kindle Kids Book Creator

For authors and publishers who publish kids’ books, the Kindle Kids Book Creator is the best tool for you to publish your Kindle books. This publishing tool from Amazon makes the job easier for you and your team.

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What is Kindle Kids Book Creator?

Kindle Kids Book Creator is a free publishing tool from Amazon for authors and publishers to convert their illustrated kids’ books into Kindle books.

Kindle Kids Book Creator allows authors and publishers to do the following:

  • Import their original book artwork
  • Optimize the reading experience of users of their books
  • Previews how their books will appear on Kindle devices and applications


What file formats does Kindle Kids Book Creator accept?

Kindle Kids Book Creator

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator accepts the following source files

  • PNG
  • PPM

Authors have the freedom to create their book artworks using design tools of their choice.

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What Operating System (OS) does this tool use?

Kindle Kids’ Book is available for Windows and Mac OS X.


How to download Kindle Kids Book Creator

Authors and punishers can download the latest version of Kindle Kids Book Creator by following the instructions below.

Download the latest version for Windows 7 and later hereĀ 


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