Why you must read Amazon KDP College

Amazon KDP College was born to help you succeed as an author publishing and selling Kindle ebooks on Amazon. That’s the sole reason for this blog and website.

We have done justice to that since we started this blog on publishing and selling ebooks through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

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Our qualification to publish Amazon KDP college

Let me tell you why we are qualified to teach you the topic of writing, publishing, and selling Kindle eBooks:

A book vision

We have a book vision and ministry. We love to write and read books. Our Principal, Sesan OGUNTADE has read and written quite a lot.

He is not a fan of fiction books (though he has read quite a few good ones). We love to read and write ‘how-to’ books which usually come under the non-fiction category of books.

Sesan OGUNTADE has written over 50 books. Most of them are published online and some are in paperback.

Decent library of books

We have a decent library of books on lots of topics. Our Principal and members of his rich team believe authors who want to be successful must have rich and huge libraries.

Most successful authors are also good readers. Our library of books consists of both paperback books and ebooks on different topics.

Sesan OGUNTADE has this great appetite to read any book on any topic that comes his way especially if it is a non-fiction book.

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Good reviews and star ratings

There have been both local and international comments on our published books. You can find some of these comments, book reviews on stores like Amazon, etc. You can also find them on our Christian personal development website

Many best-selling books

We have good reviews and comments from readers of our books, we have also written and published books that have been bestsellers on Amazon and other stores.

One of my books, You Can Stop Masturbation…And end any addiction by reading simple stories and charts that sold lots of copies through the defunct Createspace (now KDP Print)

Some of our other best-selling ebooks are:

  • How to maintain focus and concentration
  • How to publish your books on Amazon KDP
  • How I sell on Amazon KDP
  • The Prostitute novel

And more…

You can find some of these ebooks and how to buy them here 

You can find some of the bestselling Christian books here 

Owner of Zarepath Publishing

We own a flourishing book-distribution outfit in my country, Zarepath Publishing. On the official website of this company at NowNowBooks.com.ng, we run a newsletter that gives out free books (Book Profit Reports) to subscribers.

All the editions of the reports are written by our Principal. There is also a book series that is older and running at Sesanoguntade.com called Bible Short Reports.

It is a Christian ‘How to’ series giving out free books to subscribers on the website for the past fifteen years now.

Dedicated Researches

We have specially and dedicatedly analyzed and checked best-selling titles over the years to see the secrets that made them climb up the ladder of best-selling books.

We have some of these secrets and we have decided to use this platform, Amazon KDP College to share this valued information with you and others.

I hope you loved this and you can always put your trust in us to share valuable tips with you on how to sell ebooks on Amazon through the Amazon KDP College blog.

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